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List Of Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods in Alabama (2023)

Alabama is a fantastic place to reside in, with its vast coastline, pleasant winters, and delicious southern cuisine. The state has numerous cities that are undergoing a revitalization process and offering a plethora of attractions. If you’re contemplating moving to Alabama, peek at this list of the top ten safest places to live.

10 Safest Cities in Alabama

1. Glencoe

Nestled near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Glencoe is a charming and secure city, making it the safest place to live in Alabama. This nature lover’s paradise provides various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, biking, and water sports along the Coosa River. Glencoe has a population of 5,160, and the crime rate is meager, 71% below the national average, ensuring a secure environment. Additionally, the town is budget-friendly, and the median home price is $197,580, making it an affordable option for those who value safety and natural beauty.

2. Southside 

Located along the Coosa River in Etowah County, Southside is a quickly growing town that offers a relaxed Southern lifestyle and plenty of fishing and boating activities. With a population of 8,774, it is one of the safest towns in Alabama, boasting a crime rate of 64% below the national average. It’s no wonder Southside consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in the state, thanks to its idyllic setting and community spirit. The median home price in Southside is $251,844, making it an affordable option for those looking for a slice of Southern charm.

3. Vestavia Hills

Vestavia Hills is another one of Alabama’s safest cities, famous for its peaceful tree-lined roads, numerous parks, and outdoor activities. With a population of 34,368, the city boasts a crime rate 61% lower than the national average. One of the most extensive parks in the town is Wald Park, which features five baseball fields, a walking track, and a skatepark. The Sicard Hollow Athletic Complex is the go-to place for community football, soccer, and lacrosse events. The median home price in Vestavia Hills is $524,264, making it a desirable place to live.

4. Daphne

Daphne, a city 11 miles east of Mobile in Baldwin County, is known for its safety and security. With a population of 21,570, the town boasts a crime rate that is 57% lower than the national average. Daphne offers many outdoor recreational activities and parks, including the famous Bayfront Park along the scenic Mobile Bay. Moreover, the city is just a few miles from Alabama’s beautiful coastline, making it an excellent destination for beach lovers. The median home price in Daphne is $319,204, making it an affordable and desirable place to live.

5. Satsuma  

Satsuma, a charming small city in Mobile County, Alabama, is renowned for being one of the safest places to live in the state. Its name originates from the satsuma orange, which is native to the area. The town boasts a unique French-Colonial style and many buildings reflect its rich history. With its proximity to Mobile Bay, Satsuma is an ideal location for weekend beach excursions. The median home price in Satsuma is $228,136, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a safe and affordable place to call home.

6. Mountain Brook 

Mountain Brook, located in the suburbs of Birmingham, is not only one of the wealthiest areas in Alabama but also one of the safest cities in the state. With a population of 20,373, the city boasts a crime rate of 53% lower than the national average. Families will love the local attractions such as The Birmingham Zoo and Birmingham Botanical Gardens. For those interested in history, Vulcan Park is home to a giant 56-foot statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and forge, symbolizing Mountain Brook’s industrial heritage. The median home price in this city is $912,394, making it an ideal place to live for those who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

7. Daleville 

Daleville, a small town in southeastern Alabama, covers just 14 square miles and is known for its safety. With a population of 5,096, it boasts a crime rate that is 51% lower than the national average. The town is near the US Army base Fort Rucker, renowned for its aviation training. Daleville is also conveniently situated close to the Gulf Coast, making weekend beach getaways a breeze. Families looking for a secure and budget-friendly place to live will find Daleville an excellent choice, as the median home price is $141,954.

8. Rainbow City

Rainbow City, situated in the Gadsden Metropolitan Area, is home to around 9,546 people. This city boasts a crime rate 48% lower than the national average, with a very low incidence of violent crime. The town is surrounded by breathtaking sights, such as the Lookout Mountain Parkway and Noccalula Falls Park, a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, biking, and fishing. The median home price in Rainbow City is $237,219, making it an affordable and attractive place to live.

9. Pleasant Grove 

Pleasant Grove, also known as “The Good Neighbor City,” is among the safest cities in Alabama. This small city is located only 10 miles from Birmingham and has a population of 10,105 people. The local crime rate in Pleasant Grove is 44% below the national average, making it a secure place to reside. One of the city’s most notable features is its many golf courses, nature trails, and fantastic Southern cuisine. The median home price in Pleasant Grove is $230,539, making it affordable to own a home.

10. Pelham 

Pelham, a city located in Shelby County and part of the Birmingham metropolitan area, boasts a population of 24,318 and a crime rate that is 21% below the national average. Pelham is an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts as it’s near the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre and Oak Mountain State Park, the largest park in Alabama. This rapidly growing city also offers excellent schools and a high quality of life. The median home price in Pelham is $304,569.

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