Shoplifter returns to store for her lost phone!

Shoplifter returns to store to get lost phone, causing drama at California nail store.

A strange shoplifting incident occurred in California, where a woman demanded her lost phone back just moments after being accused of stealing it.

A woman suspected of shoplifting from a nail supply store in California had an ironic encounter when she returned to the scene just minutes later. However, she wasn’t there to return the stolen items; instead, she returned to retrieve her dropped cell phone. The incident at Murrieta’s Premier Nail Supply on September 1, was captured on the store’s surveillance cameras. The footage was shared with the local media, including FOX 11 Los Angeles.

The Murrieta police reported that the phone that the woman droppedthe woman droppedice, as it contained her California driver’s license and a credit card within the case. The store owner tried todeviseh a peaceful solution by offering to return the phone in exchange for the stolen merchandise. Unfortunately, things worsened when the suspect attacked the owner and fled the store for the second time.

The first theft, which involved goods worth around $600, became a robbery accusation due to the alleged assault. The incident resulted in the store owner sustaining minor injuries after being thrown to the ground, which is ironic considering that the value of the stolen merchandise was less than the cost of the lost phone.

According to authorities, the individuals responsible for the crime were Kaydrianna Hall, 24, and Serenadi Banks, 19. The suspects were seen leaving the crime scene in a black car. However, their attempt at a quick getaway was foiled when police caught up with them just minutes later. The suspects were found sitting in their vehicle, located only a mile away from the crime scene. It was reported that the stolen items were easily visible inside their vehicle. As a result, both Hall and Banks were taken into custody and arrested promptly.

After paying a bail amount of $5,000 each, both women were released.

The Murrieta police took a lighthearted approach to the incident, as evidenced by their Facebook comment: “It would have been much easier if they had just used the credit card that was already inside the phone case.” Their tongue-in-cheek remark garnered a chuckle from many readers.

It’s important to remember that snap judgments often result in unexpected outcomes. This particular instance is a prime example of that fact.

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