Secret Phones Found in Prisons and Amish Communities

Secret Phones Found in Prisons and Amish Communities During Emergency Alert System Test

On October 4th, the National Emergency Alert System in the United States was tested. Some online communities expressed concern about the possible danger it posed to those in abusive relationships. However, a different group had their hidden phones exposed as a result of the test: incarcerated individuals throughout the country. As reported in TMZ, this revealed an unexpected consequence of the system test.

According to a report by TMZ, phones were seized at two correctional facilities in the United States – the Sing Sing Correctional Facility in New York and FCI Coleman Low in Florida.

The emergency alert that was sent out also had unintended consequences for several members of the Amish community, causing them to be ostracized by their peers. As reported by Dexerto, an ex-Amish man named Eli Yoder shared on Tik-Tok that several men were shunned by their communities when their phones were discovered during the test. Yoder stated that “Several Amish men were shunned by the Amish Church for having smartphones in their pocket when the emergency alert system went off.”

According to Yoder, the individuals in possession of the devices informed him that they needed to remain inconspicuous due to the scrutiny they were facing. In the Amish community, being shunned can result in varying consequences, depending on the specific community. However, it generally entails being ostracized and losing access to community resources, as well as being denied acceptance by fellow community members.

As reported by the Associated Press, federal law mandates that the national emergency system undergo testing every three years. The most recent test took place on August 11, 2021, and predictably, it has sparked various conspiracy theories on the internet.

There were concerns raised by some about the recent test, with claims that it was a part of a scheme to activate dormant nanoparticles present in people’s bodies. However, FEMA officials and experts have dismissed these theories as baseless. Some users even went as far as planning to switch off their phones entirely to avoid the test. Despite this, a spokesperson for FEMA, Jeremy Evans, expressed his hope that Americans would switch their phones back on after the test, as they may need to be contacted by the federal government in case of a national emergency.

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