Colleague recalls a NJ woman

Colleague recalls a NJ woman’s bigoted attacks on German tourists at a UES apartment

A woman from New Jersey was caught on camera in a drunken state, telling German tourists to return to their country. Recently, she was seen leaving her Upper East Side apartment building while a former colleague accused her of making a bigoted rant about their boss. The incident has caused controversy and raised concerns about xenophobia and racism in society.

On a serene street in Manhattan, Brianna Pinnix, a 30-year-old, stepped out of her apartment wearing sunglasses and looking rejuvenated despite the controversy surrounding her actions that led to her losing her job a few days ago.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a former colleague of Brianna Pinnix shared that she had a reputation at work for being a problematic drunk and often displayed aggressive behaviour similar to her conduct on NJ-Transit.

According to reports, Pinnix worked as a recruiter at InterQuest for three years, from 2019 to 2022. There were allegations that she had referred to her boss as derogatory and expressed the desire for him to be deported during a phone conversation.

According to a former colleague, the recent outburst captured on video by the woman in question did not surprise those who had worked with her in the past. The colleague stated that the woman had a history of displaying aggressive and angry behaviour and that this was just the latest incident to be caught on camera.

Afterwards, she took to TikTok and shared a collection of videos where she recounted her experience of being “gaslit” by her former boss. She further alleged that he spent almost all the money on a gift card she had won in a company raffle.

In the video, she made a statement beginning with an apology to her former colleagues. However, she felt it was necessary to express her thoughts and opinions, even if it may offend someone at her new organization.

According to a previous coworker, she caused many issues in the HR department and was challenging to work with. They even went as far as to refer to her as an “HR nightmare.”

According to him, Brianna tended to become emotional and loud when she drank at work events. Her behaviour was not pleasant and often involved tears and screaming.

“The situation escalated to the extent where she was no longer allowed to attend work-related social gatherings.”

It was evident from the video footage that Pinnix was under the influence of alcohol when she confronted two young German tourists, whom she believed were talking about her.

In the video, she can be heard demanding, “What did you say? Please tell me what you said.”

Her boyfriend begged for her to stand down as she became increasingly aggressive.

As her companion pleaded with her to stop and warned her of the potential consequences, Brie remained undeterred and verbally lashed out at the Germans. Despite the concerns expressed by her friend, Pinnix refused to back down from the confrontation.

After the video went viral, she was terminated from her position as a recruiter at Capital Rx.

Capital Rx stated to The Post that they have a strict policy against prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour. Upon reviewing the situation, they took prompt action and terminated the employee responsible.

Capital Rx extends its deepest apologies to those affected by our former ‘s actions and wordsemployees. We want to make it clear that their behaviour does not reflect the values of our organization.

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