Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana To Live With High Crime Rates

Montana, USA: Montana, known as the Big Sky Country, offers more than just its iconic grizzly bears, bone-chilling temperatures in Havre, and pickup trucks flaunting gun racks. The state is also home to several cities that are considered dangerous.

To determine our findings, we looked to the data. Our analysis included 31 cities, where we closely examined the FBI’s latest crime report. We focused on both violent and property crime statistics for every locality with a population of more than 2,000. Our research revealed that while Montana’s numbers for violent and property crime are not the highest in the country, there is still significant room for improvement.

While it may be true that the majority of issues in Montana are centered around its urban areas, such as Billings and Missoula, it’s important to note that the state has managed to distribute its problems fairly evenly throughout its territory.

While Montana may not be considered as one of the most unsafe states in the country, there are certain regions that require significant attention. It is difficult to determine whether a larger police force, increased surveillance cameras, or improved drug rehabilitation programs are necessary. However, it is essential to go through the list of Montana’s most dangerous places before making any significant life decisions.

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Places to Live in Montana for 2023

Montana is known for its stunning landscapes, friendly communities and great outdoors. However, like any other state, Montana also has its fair share of risks and dangers. Whether it’s natural disasters, crime rates or environmental hazards, some places in Montana are riskier to live in than others. To help you make an informed decision about where to live in Montana, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 riskiest places to reside in the state for 2023.

Our list takes into consideration various factors such as crime rates, natural disasters, environmental hazards and overall safety. We’ve analyzed data from multiple sources including the FBI’s crime report, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) natural disaster database, and other reliable sources to come up with this list.

If you’re planning to move to Montana or are already a resident looking to relocate, this list will provide you with valuable insights into the riskiest places to live in Montana. However, it’s important to note that no place is entirely risk-free, and the level of risk varies depending on various factors. We recommend that you do your own research and consult with local authorities before making any big decisions about where to live in Montana.

1. Billings:

Billings, located in south-central Montana, is a significant city in a mostly rural state. The awe-inspiring natural beauty surrounding the city is complemented by several cultural attractions like the Yellowstone Art Museum and the Western Heritage Center. These features make Billings a truly captivating destination to explore.

Despite its undeniable allure, this city has a darker side that cannot be ignored. With elevated property crime rates, including burglaries, robberies, and auto thefts, it is considered the most dangerous city in Montana. Additionally, the fact that 14 homicides occurred in the past year is alarming and further highlights the safety concerns that residents and visitors should be aware of.

 Ronan City

Living in Ronan, Montana

Nestled in the beautiful Flathead Indian Reservation in the northwest region of Montana, Ronan is a cozy town with a population of just over 2,000 people. However, despite its small size, the city has a concerning crime rate per capita. Shockingly, in a span of a year, 66 property crimes and 20 violent crimes were reported in the area, earning Ronan the dubious distinction of being the second most dangerous city in Montana.

3. Helena

Helena, Montana is famous for being the political capital of the state. However, it is also unfortunately known for being the rape capital of the state. In a single year, the city reported 50 cases of rape, which is the highest rate in Montana. This is alarming, especially considering the fact that the city only has a population of 33,629. In addition to this, Helena also experienced 216 cases of violent crimes and 1,227 property crimes during the same period.


Polson is a quaint town situated in the Flathead Indian Reservation in the northwestern region of Montana. However, despite its picturesque charm, the town is grappling with serious safety concerns. According to recent crime statistics, Polson recorded a staggering 164 property crimes and 36 violent crimes in just one year. Regrettably, this has earned the town the unfortunate distinction of being the fourth most perilous place in Montana.


Located in the heart of north-central Montana, Havre has a rich history as a tough American railway town, despite its French name. Unfortunately, this town of just under 10,000 people has been facing some serious safety concerns with property crime and violent crime rates on the rise. In the past year alone, Havre has reported a staggering 57 assaults, highlighting the urgent need for safety measures to be put in place.

 Cut Bank

Here’s an intriguing video that showcases the beauty and charm of Cut Bank, Montana. Take a moment to watch it and immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of this wonderful place. The video is embedded below for your convenience.

Although the saying “small is beautiful” is often true, that is not always the case. Cut Bank, Montana serves as a perfect example. This tiny town, with a population of only 3,075, is actually considered the most dangerous place in the entire state.

Cut Bank, a town located about 30 miles away from the Canadian border, is named after a nearby canyon. Unfortunately, this name also suggests a darker side to the town – its violent tendencies. Despite being a small community with just a few thousand residents, Cut Bank reported a staggering 23 violent incidents, resulting in a violent crime rate of 747 per 100,000 people, the highest in the state of Montana.

According to the latest statistics, Cut Bank has reported 78 property crimes in the past year. This equates to a property crime rate of 2,536 per 100,000 people, which places it as the ninth highest in the state in terms of property crime prevalence.

 Great Falls

With a population of 58,345, Great Falls in Montana has a rich history as an industrial and transportation hub. However, a larger population also invites problems and in this case, it’s the highest rate of property crime in the state.

According to reports, the city experiences a high incidence of property crimes, with a shocking 5,140 incidents per 100,000 individuals. This translates to an annual average of 2,999 property crimes. Consequently, Great Falls has earned the dubious distinction of being the second most crime-ridden city in Montana, with a crime rate of 5,596 incidents per 100,000 individuals.

Great Falls has relatively lower instances of violent crime compared to other areas, with only 266 reported cases. This puts it at the 12th place among the most violent places in the state.


Take a look at this video guide to Missoula, Montana:

With a population of 76,468, Missoula may appear small when compared to metropolises such as New York or San Francisco, but it is one of the largest cities in Montana. Despite its size, the city still faces its fair share of challenges, including a high murder rate that is among the highest in the state.

Missoula, a city in Montana, experienced a total of 376 violent crimes within a year, including 4 homicides. Unfortunately, this makes Missoula the city with the highest number of killings in the state. In addition to the homicides, the city also reported 60 rapes during the same time period.

According to reports, Missoula is facing the challenge of property crime with a total of 2,745 cases reported, placing it in the eighth position for burglaries and car thefts. The rate of property crime per 100,000 people is at 3,589, making it the fourth-highest in Montana.

Wolf Point

The provided content is a video that showcases stunning aerial views of Wolf Point. The footage has been captured using a drone, allowing us to see the area from a completely different perspective. It’s a captivating sight to behold and provides a unique glimpse into the beauty of Wolf Point.

If you’re not a rodeo enthusiast, you might not have heard of Wolf Point, Montana. This city is home to Montana’s oldest rodeo, which is definitely worth checking out. However, it’s important to be cautious when visiting Wolf Point. The city has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the state, so it’s wise to take appropriate safety measures.

Located in northeastern Montana, the city serves as the primary population hub of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. Despite only having a population of 2,744, the city reported 33 violent crimes in a year. While this number may seem small, it actually amounts to a violent crime rate of 1,202 per 100,000 people, which is the highest in Montana.

Despite the challenges faced by Wolf Point, there is some positive news to report. The property crime rate in the area is relatively low, with only 1,931 incidents per 100,000 people. This means that Wolf Point ranks 16th in the state when it comes to property-related issues.

East Helena:

Here is a video featuring Helena, Montana. Take a look and immerse yourself in the beauty of this stunning location.

Located just 5 miles from Helena, the capital city of Montana, East Helena is a small town with a population of only 2,113. Despite its size, it is considered one of the most dangerous places in Montana.

Over the course of a year, East Helena experienced a total of 50 property crimes and 10 incidents of violence. Although these figures may appear to be insignificant when compared to those of a bustling metropolis such as New York City, they are quite significant given the small size of East Helena’s population. In fact, these statistics represent a considerable increase in crime rates.

According to recent statistics, East Helena has a population of 473/100k people with a violent crime rate of 2,366/100k people for property crime. These figures place it as the 11th most perilous place in Montana for both violent and property crimes. Surprisingly, even with a population of more than 30 times that of East Helena, Missoula, Montana is less dangerous.


In conclusion, while Montana is known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor activities, it also faces challenges with crime in certain areas. The state’s most dangerous cities, such as Billings, Ronan, and Helena, have higher rates of violent and property crimes compared to other regions. However, it’s important to note that these statistics can fluctuate and are influenced by a variety of factors, including socio-economic conditions, law enforcement strategies, and community engagement.

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