car to dealership after test drive,

Felony theft charges imposed on woman for not returning car to dealership after test drive

A car dealership in Utica, New York, became the victim of a vehicle theft last week. A woman was arrested for allegedly stealing the car from the dealership.

According to recent reports, on September 14th, a woman visited a car dealership for a test drive in a used vehicle. However, she failed to return the car after the test drive, causing concern among the dealership staff.

At the dealership, Theresa Price, aged 48, requested that her preferred mechanic up the road inspect the vehicle before making a purchase. However, she never returned after taking the car for inspection.

According to the investigation, it was discovered that the car was being driven on Interstate 90 on September 15 with Price behind the wheel. Afterwards, Price and the vehicle were tracked down to a truck stop in the Town of Pembroke.

After being taken into custody, Price was charged with grand larceny in the third degree, classified as a class D felony. She was then transported to Richfield Springs for processing before being transferred to the Otsego County Jail for Centralized Arraignment.

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