Woman pushed onto subway tracks in unprovoked attack, Say Police

Woman pushed onto subway tracks in unprovoked attack, Say Police

On Tuesday night in Manhattan, a woman was pushed onto the subway tracks in an unprovoked attack, according to the police. This incident took place in New York, and it is a matter of great concern for everyone.

The incident occurred at the Chambers Street station on the 1, 2, and 3 lines just after 11 p.m.

According to authorities, a woman who is 34 years of age was walking down the stairs and turned a corner onto the platform when someone pushed her onto the tracks.

After the incident, she managed to climb back onto the platform with the help of bystanders. The medics were immediately called and rushed her to the hospital due to a minor leg injury.

According to officials, she managed to avoid contact with the third rail and no trains were approaching during the incident.

According to law enforcement officials, the perpetrator, who is thought to be a male in his forties, fled up the steps and onto the street. At present, authorities have not apprehended anyone in connection with the incident.

“It’s so unfortunate that we’re living in the times that we are. I take the train every day and I’m very alert, look around me and behind me,” subway rider Jada Downs told CBS New York’s Elijah Westbrook on the morning commute. “Hopefully, they catch him so that he won’t push anybody else on the tracks. Unfortunately, it happened.”

“He could be anywhere right now and push somebody again and do more stuff to other people,” said rider Suzette Romero.

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