Georgia man wanted in Andalusia

Andalusia wants Georgia man, 15 other departments want him.

According to the City of Andalusia, the Andalusia police recently acquired arrest warrants for a suspect who was involved in shoplifting. However, their investigation uncovered that 15 other departments also have warrants issued for the same individual. This highlights the severity of the situation and the potential impact of this individual’s actions.

The Andalusia Police Department recently took action to apprehend a man from Georgia after two separate jewellery theft incidents occurred at Walmart stores in the Andalusia area. The department obtained warrants on Wednesday to make the arrest.

In May, Lieutenant Jody Scott of the APD took on an investigation after viewing security footage from an Andalusia Walmart that captured the robbery incident.

The video footage showed an unidentified man using a shirt from the store to cover his hands while he broke open the jewellery case and took all the jewellery inside. A woman was also present during the incident, but it was unclear what her involvement was.

After the incident, the ADP launched an inquiry and initiated discussions with loss prevention staff across Walmart’s network. The investigation revealed that several other stores in Georgia and Alabama had experienced similar robberies using the same method.

Law enforcement officials have identified Alfred Demond Jenkins, a 41-year-old man from Albany, Georgia, as the culprit behind a jewellery theft in August at the Walmart in East Rome, Georgia. This incident marks yet another instance of jewellery theft, and authorities are taking the matter seriously to bring the perpetrator to justice.

After Jenkins’ identity was revealed, the authorities compared the footage of other robberies and confirmed him as the prime suspect for thefts in Alabama and Georgia.

According to reports, the APD has issued warrants against him for property theft first, while at least 15 other agencies have contracts with Jenkins. In total, he is wanted for more than $300,000 worth of stolen goods, making it a serious matter that needs to be addressed. Jenkins is currently in custody in Floyd County, Georgia, on charges of felony shoplifting and criminal trespassing.

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