Winter storm brings heavy snowfall, school closures, and power outages in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont

Northern New England experienced significant snowfall overnight, with some areas receiving up to a foot of snow. However, the Greater Boston region mainly received rainfall from the persistent storm system.

The aftermath of the incident led to the closure of numerous schools and left more than 40,000 customers without electricity.

Greensboro, Vermont, experienced a snowfall of 12.3 inches, while other regions in northern Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine also saw snow totals ranging from 11 to 12 inches. In the southern parts of these states, snow accumulation ranged between 1 and 3 inches.

New England ski areas, such as Sunday River in Maine, Loon Mountain in New Hampshire, and Smugglers’ Notch in Vermont, received a heavy snowfall.

Numerous school closures were reported in the three northern New England states.

There were also reports of power outages, with approximately 25,000 customers in Maine, 11,000 in Vermont, and 6,000 in New Hampshire experiencing power loss on Monday morning. However, by Monday afternoon, the total number of outages had decreased to about 25,000.

In Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, however, it primarily consisted of rainfall.

According to the National Weather Service, here is a breakdown of the snowfall amounts in the region.


The precipitation in Rangeley measured 12.2 inches.

The rainfall in Newry measured 11.6 inches.

The height of the structure is 11.5 inches.

The height of the temple is 10.5 inches.

Hartford experiences an average annual snowfall of 9.2 inches.

Eustis measures at a height of 9 inches.

Jackman: 9 inches.

New Hampshire

Mount Washington boasts an impressive snowfall of 11.5 inches.

Waterville Valley: A Snowfall of 9.7 Inches

Waterville Valley received a significant snowfall of 9.7 inches.


The precipitation in Greensboro measured 12.3 inches.

Calais measures 11 inches.

The height of Maidstone is 10.5 inches.

The length of Wolcott is 10 inches.

The depth of the Little River Station is 10 inches.

The height of Woodbury is 9.9 inches.

Cabot: 9.5 inches

Eden measures 9 inches.

The city of Albany receives an average annual precipitation of 8.8 inches.

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