Dramatic video captures Connecticut police officers preventing woman from jumping off 100-foot bridge

In a gripping video, brave Connecticut Police Officers spring into action to rescue a woman on a bridge, successfully averting a potentially tragic outcome.

Troopers received multiple 911 calls on Monday, November 27th, reporting a woman on the side of Baldwin Bridge. The bridge, towering at around 100 feet above the Connecticut River, became the center of attention following the incident.

Upon arrival, the troopers discovered a female perched on a narrow, five-inch ledge after scaling the pedestrian sidewalk and overcoming the metal safety fencing.

In the video, officers describe how Sgt. Matthew Belz maintains a calm demeanor while communicating with the woman. Meanwhile, Sgt. Ashley Harkins swiftly takes action, bravely climbing over the safety fence to reach the narrow ledge above the rushing river in order to assist in the rescue of the woman.

The two sergeants skillfully convinced the woman to place her hands on the fencing and then climb onto Sgt. Harkins’ legs. This allowed the responding troopers to assist in pulling her to safety, over the fence, and into an ambulance for immediate treatment.

The department commended Sgt. Harkins and Sgt. Belz for their swift and decisive actions in rescuing the woman, expressing their appreciation for the assistance provided by DEEP Colonel Chris Lewis and the State Troopers from Troop F.


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