MARMET officers arrest two alleged drug traffickers

On November 28, law enforcement officers from the Marion Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office carried out a search warrant at a residence on Park Street in Marion. This warrant was obtained through Judge Teresa Ballinger following an investigation conducted by detectives from the MARMET Drug Task Force.

During the investigation, law enforcement officers were successful in finding a significant amount of illicit substances and other illegal items. Specifically, they discovered approximately 49.50 grams of fentanyl, 50.78 grams of crack cocaine, an unlawfully possessed firearm, and a total of $7,562 in cash.

Larry Lewis, 46, and Richa Markley, 37, from Marion, have been taken into custody following the investigation. Both individuals are facing charges of trafficking in drugs, a first-degree felony, and weapons under disability, a third-degree felony.

Marion County Prosecutor Ray Grogan has received the case for the purpose of filing formal charges.

“This investigation has successfully eliminated significant drug traffickers from our streets, undoubtedly enhancing the safety of our community,” expressed Marion Police Chief Jay McDonald. He further added, “I take great pride in the dedication and hard work of the officers and deputies involved in this operation, as they have tirelessly worked to eradicate this menace from our neighborhood. I am also thankful for the unwavering support we have received from the community throughout these investigations.”

Marion County Sheriff Matt Bayles expressed his lack of surprise when confronted with the apprehension of major drug traffickers by the MARMET Drug Task Force. He emphasized the gravity of such cases, stating that the possession of a substantial amount of drugs, coupled with an illegal firearm, poses a significant threat to the community. Sheriff Bayles assured the public that the dedicated team of detectives, deputies, and officers will continue their relentless efforts to apprehend and bring to justice these dealers who have established their operations within the county.

The MARMET Drug Task Force comprises individuals from the Marion Police Department, Marion County Sheriff’s Office, and the Marion County Prosecutors Office.

To report criminal activity in Marion County, residents are urged to contact 740-375-TIPS (8477) or visit Anonymous reporting is also available for those who prefer to remain unidentified.

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