This Creepy Pennsylvania Abandoned Cemetery Will Give You Nightmares

This Creepy Pennsylvania Abandoned Cemetery Will Give You Nightmares

Of all the graveyards in Pennsylvania, the most extensive and historically significant lies just beyond Philadelphia, featuring an intriguing abandoned mausoleum. Meet Mt. Moriah Cemetery—a final resting place for countless notable figures, thousands of U.S. veterans, and many others. What sets it apart is its state of decay since 2004, left unclaimed and unmaintained.

Established in 1855, Mt. Moriah once sprawled across 380 acres, marked by a grand Romanesque brownstone entrance on Islington Avenue. Now, it stands in disrepair, entwined in the grip of dead, winding vines.

Despite its current solitude, Mt. Moriah Cemetery was a prominent burial ground in its prime, housing the graves of notable personalities like William Burns Smith, a former Mayor of Philadelphia, and Pat Deasley, a professional baseball player. Notably, the remains of Betsy Ross, famed for the American flag, also find their rest here.

The Mount Moriah Cemetery Association, responsible for upkeep, dissolved in 2004 with the passing of its last member. Left ownerless and neglected, the cemetery’s fate remains uncertain.

Enter the Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery, a nonprofit committed to preserving this unique site and shedding light on its plight. Watch the video below for a glimpse into the mysterious Mt. Moriah Cemetery and its abandoned mausoleum.

It’s disheartening to witness the neglect of Mt. Moriah Cemetery, a once-historic and beautiful resting place. As it awaits reclamation and restoration, it stands among Pennsylvania’s forgotten abandoned sites.

Were you aware of this forsaken cemetery in Pennsylvania or the abandoned mausoleum within its grounds? Have you explored the historic Mt. Moriah Cemetery or ventured into the abandoned Pennsylvania mausoleum? Share your insights or any knowledge of intriguing cemeteries or abandoned places in Pennsylvania with us!

And here’s a revelation: Mt. Moriah Cemetery is just one of many historic gems in the state. To prove it, here’s a list of Pennsylvania’s best historic landmarks—a perfect guide for an adventurous road trip.

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