The History of This Pennsylvania Hotel Is Both Haunting And Fascinating

The History of This Pennsylvania Hotel Is Both Haunting And Fascinating

As experts in local travel, we understand the essentials travelers seek in their ideal accommodations. Our process involves scouring the internet for properties boasting excellent ratings, desirable amenities, nearby attractions, and that unique element making a destination truly captivating.

In Pennsylvania, where rich history intertwines with tales of the paranormal, one such eerie story unfolds at The Logan Inn in New Hope. Opening its doors in 1722 as a tavern and evolving into an inn just five years later, this historic establishment harbors a history that transcends the mundane.

The paranormal whispers surrounding The Logan Inn trace back to the American Revolution, alleging that soldiers’ bodies found a temporary resting place in the inn’s basement before proper burial. Even today, spirits of these soldiers are said to linger, manifesting in apparitions throughout the inn’s 16 original rooms and echoing down its hallways.

Yet, the specters of soldiers are not the sole inhabitants of this enchanting inn. A colonial visitor, often heard through the echoing steps on the stairs, roams alongside the lingering souls. Room 6, named after Emily, the mother of a previous owner, is particularly noteworthy. Guests staying in this room share tales of encounters with Emily’s spirit, describing subtle touches, pillows moved mysteriously, and belongings rearranged while they sleep.

The Logan Inn is said to be a haven for countless lingering souls, with tales ranging from a mysterious man’s reflection in mirrors to sightings of a little girl playing in the parking lot—a presumed spirit of a girl who met a tragic end nearby.

For those intrigued by this haunted experience, bookings can be made through The Logan Inn’s website or by exploring its Facebook page for additional information.

Have you ventured into the realms of this haunted hotel in Pennsylvania? Share your otherworldly experiences in the comments! And if you’re up for more eerie adventures, did you know about the haunted covered bridge awaiting your visit in Pennsylvania? Dare to explore!

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