New York City has the highest weed consumption in the world.

New York Weed Capital: This is the city with the highest weed consumption in New York

According to multiple sources, including NBC New York, New York City has the highest weed consumption in the world. The 2023 Cannabis Global Price Index found that NYC residents consume an average of 62.3 metric tons of weed combined every year, which is more than any other city in the world. The study compared consumption and prices all over the world, both in locales where the plant is legal and where it remains criminalized.

City Weed Consumption (Metric Tons)
New York City 62.3
Los Angeles 35.0
Chicago 24.9
Sydney 45.8

Factors Contributing to NYC’s High Weed Consumption:

There are several factors that likely contribute to NYC’s high weed consumption:

  • Large Population: With a population exceeding 8 million, NYC has a vast pool of potential consumers. This sheer number of people naturally leads to a larger overall consumption rate.
  • Diverse Demographics: NYC boasts a diverse population, with people from all walks of life. This diversity likely contributes to a varied and open attitude towards cannabis, increasing its acceptance and use.
  • Thriving Nightlife Scene: NYC is renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene, with bars, clubs, and events happening throughout the city. Cannabis often plays a role in this scene, with people using it to enhance their social experiences and relax after a long week.
  • Recent Legalization: While cannabis has been illegal for most of its history, it was finally legalized for adult use in New York in March 2021. This recent legalization has likely contributed to an increase in consumption, as people are now free to use cannabis legally and openly.
  • Availability: Despite the nascent legal market, cannabis is readily available in NYC through a combination of legal dispensaries, delivery services, and underground sources. This easy access likely encourages higher consumption rates.

What Does This Mean for NYC?:

NYC’s high weed consumption has several implications for the city:

  • Booming Cannabis Industry: The legal cannabis industry in NYC is expected to be a multi-billion dollar market, creating thousands of jobs and generating significant tax revenue for the city.
  • Increased Tourism: NYC’s reputation as a cannabis-friendly city is already attracting tourists from all over the world, boosting the city’s tourism industry.
  • Social and Public Health Impacts: The increased availability of cannabis raises questions about its social and public health impacts. This includes potential increases in driving under the influence, addiction, and mental health issues.


NYC’s position as the world’s largest weed consumer is a testament to its unique culture, diverse population, and recent legalization. As the legal cannabis market continues to develop and mature, it will be fascinating to see how NYC’s consumption patterns evolve and how the city grapples with the social and public health implications of its newfound status.


Q: Which city in New York has the highest weed consumption?

A: While New York state only has one city, New York City (NYC) is the world’s top consumer of weed, consuming an estimated 62.3 metric tons per year.

Q: Why does NYC consume so much weed?

A: Several factors contribute to NYC’s high consumption, including its large population, diverse demographics, thriving nightlife scene, recent legalization, and easy access to the herb.

Q: What does this mean for NYC?

A: The booming legal cannabis industry is expected to create jobs, generate tax revenue, and attract tourists. However, it also raises concerns about potential increases in driving under the influence, addiction, and mental health issues.

Q: What are other cities with high weed consumption?

A: While NYC reigns supreme, other notable cities include Los Angeles (35.0 metric tons), Chicago (24.9 metric tons), and Sydney, Australia (45.8 metric tons).

Q: Where can I find more information about weed consumption in NYC?

A: The 2023 Cannabis Global Price Index conducted by Seedo provides detailed data and analysis. Additionally, various news articles and studies offer insights into NYC’s cannabis culture and market.

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