Another New York poll has Ron DeSantis in the single digits

Another New York poll has Ron DeSantis in the single digits

New polling data from New York suggests that in the Republican presidential race, Donald Trump is leading with a significant margin. The data also indicates that Florida’s Governor is polling at less than 10% once again.

According to a recent survey by Siena College, conducted from November 11 to November 15, a significant majority of Republican Primary voters in New York State, at 66%, are in favor of former President and native New Yorker winning the presidential nomination for a third time. This places him in a strong position to secure all 91 delegates in the state’s winner-takes-all Primary in April.

According to recent polling, only 26% of respondents expressed interest in a candidate other than their current preference. Among those individuals, Governor Ron DeSantis received 26% support, equivalent to 7% of the total sample. This finding is in line with previous surveys conducted by Sienna College, including one from September where the Governor’s support stood at 5%.

In September, DeSantis traveled to New York where he attended a 9/11 commemoration event. During his visit, he also appeared on the popular show, Hannity, and criticized President Joe Biden for not being present at the event.

Governor DeSantis has been trying to adapt his socially conservative image to appeal to the New York market. He has cited the state as an example of his stance against a nationwide six-week abortion ban, which was passed by the Florida Legislature earlier this year.

Back in July, DeSantis expressed his support for states that have implemented pro-life protections, acknowledging that the country is diverse and that different states may have varying approaches to the issue. He specifically mentioned that he was not suggesting that New York would necessarily follow Iowa’s lead in this regard. His statement was made during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

The Governor has been using New York as a punching bag to gain support elsewhere, despite his equivocation on the issue of abortion.

While visiting Iowa, he expressed his belief that tolls on the city’s roads were a scam designed to benefit “special interests” and the Democratic “machine.”

During a conversation with locals in a small town near the Illinois border, DeSantis discussed the high toll fees in New York City, stating that it’s possible to spend up to $60 or $70 in tolls alone if traveling to multiple boroughs in a single day.

But DeSantis was far from done.

DeSantis expressed his dismay at the condition of the roads in America, despite the high toll charges. He compared American roads to the worst ones and questioned how tolls could be so high while the roads are in such a poor state. DeSantis even went as far as saying that driving on these roads could make one feel motion sickness.

DeSantis suggested that the reason behind the allocation of funds is to benefit special interests and the Democratic party. He believes that the money is being used to launder and secure support for the party, rather than being utilized to improve the roads.

During the campaign trail this summer, the Governor targeted New York City drag queens in his rhetoric.

During a recent speech, DeSantis mentioned an event that took place in New York City where a group of drag queens made a disturbing statement. He recalled the chant they were saying, “We’re coming for your children,” which caused concern among many who heard it.

He emphasized that while adults have the freedom to do as they please, the situation changes when children are involved. “Let me tell you this,” he said. “People have the right to do what they want in a free country. I usually mind my own business, but if anyone comes after our kids, we won’t stand for it. We will defend our children and protect them.”

During a book tour stop in-state, supporters of President Trump greeted DeSantis in New York. However, the Governor also faced protests and criticism from Trump’s opponents, indicating potential challenges ahead.

One person in the crowd taunted Ron, saying “Wait until ’28, Ron; wait until ’28.”

Following last year’s campaign with him, former New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin has now endorsed Trump, despite DeSantis’ previous support.

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