The Story Behind This Haunted School in Maryland is Terrifying

This Haunted School in Maryland Terrifies with Its Chilling Backstory

Maryland boasts a rich and diverse history, but with that comes a plethora of dark and mysterious secrets. Among those secrets is the abandoned campus of The Tome School, a once prestigious and elite boys’ school now in ruins, haunted by the ghosts of its past.

The Tome School: A Brief History

In 1894, Jacob Tome, a generous millionaire, founded the Tome School with the intention of offering a top-notch education to boys from diverse backgrounds. The school was situated in Port Deposit, a charming small town on the shore of the Susquehanna River. From kindergarten to high school, the school welcomed students of all grades, and it swiftly earned a reputation as a distinguished and reputable institution. In fact, some students went out of their way to attend the school from other towns.

In 1898, Jacob Tome left behind a generous endowment and specific instructions to expand the campus by constructing several new granite buildings. These plans were successfully executed, allowing The Tome School to flourish for many more decades. The school was renowned for its exceptional academics, athletic achievements, and esteemed social status. Additionally, the campus was recognized for its stunning architecture and picturesque views of the river.

The Tome School: The Decline and Fall

Regrettably, the Great Depression caused the school to experience financial difficulties, ultimately leading to its closure in 1941. Subsequently, the campus was utilized by the Naval Academy Preparatory School until 1950, and later by the Susquehanna Job Corps Center until 1977. Unfortunately, the campus was left abandoned and neglected after that.

Throughout time, the campus has fallen victim to vandalism, theft, and arson, resulting in extensive damage to its buildings from fire, water, and weather. Broken windows, graffiti-laden walls, and trash-strewn floors have become commonplace on the premises. Additionally, urban explorers, thrill-seekers, and ghost hunters have been drawn to the eerie and desolate ambiance of the campus, making it a popular destination.

The Tome School: The Haunting

Numerous reports suggest that The Tome School campus is haunted by the spirits of its former students, teachers, and staff. Witnesses and those who have experienced paranormal phenomena have reported the following occurrences:

    • Voices, whispers, screams, and laughter heard in the empty halls and rooms.
    • Footsteps, knocks, bangs, and crashes heard from the floors above or below.
    • Shadows, orbs, mists, and apparitions seen in the dark corners and windows.
    • Cold spots, temperature drops, and breezes felt in the closed and sealed buildings.
    • Electronic devices malfunctioning, batteries draining, and cameras failing.
    • Feelings of being watched, followed, touched, or pushed by unseen forces.

Morrill Hall and the Rossborough Inn are among the eeriest buildings on campus. Morrill Hall is the sole college building that survived the Fire of 1912, while the Rossborough Inn, managed by “Miss Betty” during the Civil War, is believed to be haunted. Numerous paranormal groups, including the Maryland Paranormal Research and the Maryland Society of Ghost Hunters, have conducted investigations into these buildings and have gathered evidence of ghostly activity, including recordings of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs), electromagnetic field (EMF) readings, and photos.


The Tome School stands as a captivating yet heartbreaking illustration of how an institution of education and optimism can transform into a site of decay and dread. The campus serves as a potent symbol of the triumphs and tragedies of history, as well as the enigmas and horrors of the present day. Furthermore, it presents an irresistible dare for the brave souls who venture to explore its mysteries and a cautionary tale for those who disregard its significance. Without a doubt, the Tome School ranks among the most haunted schools in Maryland, and conceivably, in the entire nation.

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