Suspect arrested after Chinatown robbery that assaulted a store clerk.

Police have arrested a man who was caught on surveillance video attacking a store clerk during a robbery in Chinatown. The incident was disturbing and caused concern among the local community. The suspect has been taken into custody and will face charges for his actions.

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A man was caught on surveillance video at Angies Boutique on N Broadway, knocking a woman to the ground as he attempted to steal two art pieces. The employee bravely tried to stop him, leading to a brief physical altercation in which she was punched in the face.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Police Department reported the arrest of Thornton Courtland in Hawthorne, regarding a robbery. Law enforcement officials have disclosed that they are also probing other robberies that have been tied to the suspect, who is 31 years old.

The bail amount set for him is $80,000, and he is currently being held in custody.

Fortunately, the store clerk who was beaten has fully recovered from her injuries.

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