Chris Christie resists pressure to withdraw from presidential race with significant ad campaign in New Hampshire

Chris Christie resists pressure to withdraw from presidential race with significant ad campaign in New Hampshire

Chris Christie is defiantly rejecting the calls for him to withdraw from the 2024 Republican presidential primary. In a bold move, he is launching a new ad campaign in New Hampshire, with a budget of seven figures. This exclusive information was shared with CNN.

In a new campaign ad, the former New Jersey governor dismisses calls for him to drop out of the race and boldly declares, “I’m the only one saying Donald Trump is a liar.” This direct-to-camera message, which will be aired on both broadcast and digital platforms, showcases his unwavering commitment to exposing the truth about the former president. Despite trailing behind in the polls, he remains steadfast in his mission to hold Trump accountable for his dishonesty.

Christie’s campaign has made a strategic decision to increase its resources dedicated to its all-in-on-New Hampshire strategy ahead of the January 23 primary. The buy signifies their commitment to ramp up their efforts in the state. Christie’s campaign has been proud of its low campaign cash burn rate, relying primarily on media interviews and ads funded by a super PAC that supports the candidate.

Christie has become more assertive in his response to voters who question his decision to stay in the race. He asserts that he is the only candidate who is directly confronting the GOP front-runner.

According to a recent CBS News/YouGov poll, only 10% of likely GOP primary voters in New Hampshire have chosen Christie as their top candidate. This puts him behind Trump, who leads with 44%, and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who has 29% support. However, Christie is neck and neck with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who also has 11% support.

Haley’s campaign has been gaining momentum lately, with an increase in donor support. There is pressure on Christie to withdraw from the race in order to consolidate the number of Trump alternative candidates. However, Christie highlighted during a recent campaign trail that if he were to drop out before the New Hampshire primary, not all of his supporters would automatically back Haley, who is Trump’s former ambassador to the United Nations.

During a house party in Portsmouth last week, he expressed to a voter that if Haley were to demonstrate her genuine opposition to Donald Trump, he would potentially consider endorsing her.

According to Christie, he pointed out that Nikki has not answered the question regarding whether she would accept a vice presidential role from Trump. This is something that both he and DeSantis have already stated they would reject.

The Christie campaign in New Hampshire is making a significant investment, which includes the launch of a second ad called “The Choice” on Friday. This ad will not only outline Christie’s vision for America but also emphasize the importance of unity.

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