Wisconsin residents urged by Fond du Lac district attorney to seek medical attention after fatal health scare

Eric Toney is urging people to prioritize their well-being this New Year. He believes that taking care of oneself should be the topmost concern.

In July, the Fond du Lac district attorney started to face health problems.

Toney expressed that the presence of fever, chills, and sweats, particularly night sweats, pushed the situation beyond what is considered normal.

His symptoms worsened after that.

Toney shared that he experienced a moment in the office where he temporarily lost control of one of his legs for about 20 seconds. However, the issue resolved on its own.

His heart was the issue.

According to Dr. Thomas Hinkamp, a cardiothoracic surgeon with SSM Health St. Agnes Hospital, a young man developed an infection in his aortic valve.

With each passing moment, the beats of my heart grew increasingly challenging.

According to Hinkamp, the blood that he pumped out would unfortunately drop right back into the heart, putting strain on it. This meant that his heart would not be able to tolerate this condition for an extended period of time.

Toney found himself back in the operating room before he even realized it, as one visit led to another.

Toney expressed his surprise at the news, saying, “I certainly wasn’t expecting it. You’re going to need open heart surgery, so that was quite a whirlwind for me.”

According to Toney, although his situation may be unique, his message to others remains the same.

Toney emphasized the significance of not taking our health for granted and advised individuals to consult their doctors when experiencing any symptoms.

Toney is looking forward to kick-starting the new year by participating in a 5k race, now that his heart is healthy again.

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