Chris Christie blasts Nikki Haley for her Civil War comments, saying, ‘She’s unwilling to offend anyone.’

“If she is unwilling to stand up and say that slavery is what caused the Civil War, because she’s afraid of offending constituents in some other part of the country … What’s going to happen when she has to stand up to [Russian President] Vladimir Putin and President Xi in China?”
— Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie didn’t hold back as he criticized former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley during a town hall event in New Hampshire on Thursday. Despite the chilly December weather, the campaign season is already heating up, and Christie didn’t waste any time in expressing his thoughts on his fellow Republican politician.

Christie, who has been the most outspoken critic of the embattled former president Donald Trump among the players in the GOP primary, criticized Haley’s perspective on Trump in her remarks regarding the cause of the Civil War.

During a New Hampshire town hall, Haley assured a young attendee, aged 9, that she would grant a pardon to Trump, regardless of any criminal convictions against him.

On Wednesday, there was a significant backlash against her when she made a controversial statement regarding the cause of the Civil War. She claimed that the desire for “freedom” and the role of government were the main factors behind the conflict, completely ignoring the issue of slavery. This perspective aligns with what is known as the “Lost Cause Narrative,” which downplays the significance of slavery and instead emphasizes the argument of states’ rights.

Christie aggressively responded to her remarks and tried to clarify during a town hall meeting on Thursday. She firmly stated that the dispute was, undoubtedly, centered around the issue of slavery.

“He believes she chose to do it because she doesn’t want to upset anyone by speaking the truth,” he suggested.

During the same evening, Haley took a swipe at Christie, remarking that he appears to be “obsessed” with his strong dislike for Trump.

During her third town hall in Lebanon, New Hampshire, she expressed her thoughts on Chris, stating, “And Chris is a friend of mine, but if you approach the situation with such intense fixation, you won’t have the clear mindset needed to progress our country.”

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