West Virginia is the 2nd most likely state for a bed bug infestation

West Virginia ranks second in likelihood of bed bug infestations

In 2023, Paris was infested with bed bugs, which made headlines around the world. According to a recent study by PureCare, certain states are more prone to having these unwelcome guests in their beds.

Experts at PureCare have developed a Bed Bug Search Score by analyzing ten of the most searched bed-bug related questions on Google Trends, such as “bed bug bites” or “how to kill bed bugs”. Based on this score, this study compiles and lists each state’s searches and determines the likelihood of a bed bug infestation.

West Virginia ranks as the second state with the highest score of 91.2 on the Bed Bug Search Score, indicating a significant number of searches related to bed bug inquiries.

Only Oklahoma surpasses it with a score of 99.1. The states that appear to be most affected by bed bugs, based on their Bed Bug Search Score, are: Oklahoma, West Virginia, Kansas, Kentucky, and Indiana. On the other hand, the states with the lowest bed bug scores, in order, are: Oregon, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Washington.

The infestation in Paris caused a significant increase in searches for “bed bugs” in America. The search volume skyrocketed, experiencing a staggering 20,000 percent surge. For the complete report by PureCare, you can visit here.

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