Oklahoma City man arrested

Oklahoma City man arrested for photographing an unconscious woman at a private party

An Oklahoma City resident was taken into police custody after being accused of exposing and capturing photos of an unconscious woman at a house party.

DeAngelo Marquise Vaxter is the author of the given paragraph. In Oklahoma City, a man was taken into custody for reportedly taking nude photos of his daughter’s friend while she was asleep on the couch following a night of drinking. This behavior is completely unacceptable and violates the trust and safety of the victim. It is important that individuals understand the severity of such actions and the harm they can cause to others. The legal system will hopefully hold the perpetrator accountable for their disturbing behavior.

Based on the court documents, it was reported that a gathering took place at Cody Howard’s residence at around 5:00 pm on August 4. The party was attended by a few underage individuals alongside other guests.

According to reports, Howard’s daughter took action on August 10 by informing authorities about her father’s inappropriate behavior after discovering disturbing photos on his phone. The 23-year-old daughter revealed to the authorities that her father had been taking inappropriate pictures of her and her friends since she was a young girl. It was during a party when she became suspicious and checked her father’s phone, leading her to report the incident.

According to the court records, the officer who arrived at the scene noticed pictures depicting the victim in a state of unconsciousness while being nude.

During the investigation, Howard informed the investigators that he had deleted the pictures from his phone even before a detective went through it.

During the interview, authorities issued a warrant and search warrant to collect Howard’s phone as potential evidence.

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