Missing ex-model discovered safe in Arizona after ditching rehab and being seen in Alabama

According to recent reports, the former model who went missing after leaving rehab in Pensacola and was later seen in Alabama has been successfully located in Arizona.

Isabel Anna Lawson, 24, was located unharmed on Friday in Phoenix, according to police statements provided to WEAR.

According to the police, Lawson’s parents hold legal guardianship over her. However, due to the lack of enforceability of the guardianship in Arizona, she cannot be sent back to her home in Florida.

According to WEAR, the parents of the former model are concerned that Lawson is planning to go to Los Angeles, where she used to work and where her battle with addiction first started.

On Wednesday afternoon, surveillance video captured Lawson at a Mobile gas station, accompanied by a homeless man.

Pensacola police, along with her parents and an anti-trafficking group called The Shepherds, had been tirelessly searching for her ever since she went missing on Tuesday.

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