Ambush-Style Shooting Near SoFi Stadium

Ambush-Style Shooting Near SoFi Stadium Causes Disturbance in Inglewood, California

The Inglewood, California community is currently struggling with grief and uncertainty after a tragic shooting incident that occurred on Saturday. The event resulted in the loss of two lives and left three others injured. Mayor James Butts described the incident as an ambush, causing even greater shock and sadness within the community. CBS News reported on the devastating incident.

The tragic incident occurred at approximately 4:40 pm, just a few blocks away from SoFi Stadium, at the crossing of Manchester Avenue and 11th Street. Out of the five males who were involved, two tragically lost their lives, one at the scene, and the other on the way to the hospital. The other three were taken to nearby hospitals, and one of them is still in critical condition. It is a heartbreaking event that has left the community in shock.

As per the report by CBS News, Mayor Butts has stated to KCAL News that the recent shooting incident in Inglewood appears to have been planned and aimed at specific targets. The attackers were seen approaching their victims on foot from different directions before unleashing gunfire. The investigation is still underway, and law enforcement officials are scouring through surveillance videos to gather crucial details about the assailants.

The fatal shooting that took place in a local parking lot, often used as a gathering spot by the victims and their friends, has left a deep impact on the community. One mourner, Claude Morris, who tragically lost several friends in the incident, had planned to meet them at the lot that day. With other regular visitors to the lot, Morris is still trying to come to terms with the shocking and brutal loss, as reported by FOXLA.

It has been reported that the victims of the tragic incident were not involved in any suspicious activity at the time of the attack. This has left members of the community perplexed and struggling to understand the motives behind such a violent act.

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