3 New Yorkers in custody, police seize 36 false driver's licenses, 32 stolen credit cards, and more in Tysons

Tysons police arrest 3 New Yorkers, seize 36 fake IDs, 32 stolen credit cards, and more

According to authorities in Fairfax County, a group of individuals from New York City have been arrested for their involvement in a criminal operation. The group had allegedly attempted to deceive a local Louis Vuitton store. However, as Josh Rosenthal from FOX 5 reports live in Tysons, there is much more to this case than just a simple scam attempt.

According to authorities, the individuals responsible for the recent theft and fraud are Jamine Decambra, aged 28 from Brooklyn, Darnel Eric Davis, aged 33 from Astoria, and Marcia Jenelle Lewis, aged 37 from Jamaica, New York. A thorough investigation by the police led to the discovery of significant evidence, including 36 counterfeit driver’s licenses, 32 stolen credit cards, a USPS mail carrier uniform, a USPS arrow key, and other items that suggest theft and fraud.

Detectives were informed by the Louis Vuitton store at 3:45 p.m. about an attempted fraudulent purchase worth $21,000, made by two men, Decambra and Davis, using a stolen credit card. The detectives immediately started tracking the two suspects who were later seen leaving the store and getting into a rental car with a third person, Lewis.

After pulling over a vehicle, the officers arrested all three individuals. According to the detectives, they were able to retrieve around $15,000 worth of fraudulently obtained goods. Subsequently, they were taken to the ADC and held without bond.

According to the charges filed, Decambra is facing a total of 15 counts, including five counts of credit card theft, two counts of credit card fraud, and two counts of identity theft. Additionally, he has been charged with conspiring to commit credit card fraud, resisting arrest, and possessing false driver’s licenses. These charges paint a serious picture of Decambra’s alleged criminal activities.

NYC crime ring broken up in Tysons after fraud investigation

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