Long Islanders bracing for flooding, power outages from powerful storm

Powerful storm threatens Long Islanders with flooding and power outages.

The impact of the current storm on the Monday morning commute is a major concern on Long Island.

People in Nassau County who are used to storms like this spoke with CBS New York.

On Sunday night, it was pouring heavily at Baldwin Harbor. People who live in flood-prone locations, such as that one, do everything they can to prepare ahead of any severe storm.

“High tide, I think it’s 6:30, so I’m ready for it. I’m waking up. I have an alarm set,” resident Chris Hastings said.

Hastings said he’s prepared to move his car from Colony Drive to avoid water damage, but he’s not taking any chances after losing cars in prior storms.

“I’ve had to do insurance claims on three separate cars for flooding, just from waking up in the middle of the night my car being underwater, including last Christmas,” Hastings told CNN.

Ashley Pynn said she will never forget the December 23 winter storm. Her Freeport neighborhood was also severely flooded.

“Flooding is an issue in this area. “It’s pretty bad being at sea level,” Pynn said.

Some dogs on her front lawn were already dancing in the wind before it started “raining cats and dogs” on Sunday night. Pynn stated that she would make certain that they did not suffer the same fate as her inflatables last year.

“We had a good 9-foot Rudolph that didn’t make it and a snowman that was 12 feet tall that didn’t make it,” Pynn went on to say. “I kind of wish, honestly, don’t hate me Freeport town, but we don’t get alerts in time when things happen and we have a canal in our backyard.”

Homeowners on Long Island have been urged to secure their holiday decorations since heavy rain and strong gusts are expected to continue overnight. Wind gusts of up to 60 mph are possible.

The Department of Transportation prepared by removing gates from the South Shore drawbridges to prevent damage.

Before the storm hit, a parking lot at Jones Beach was filled with water, so flooding remained a threat. Devin Mulgrew, who lives in Oceanside, said he expects it.

“The streets are always flooded. “We get fresh water flooding, then it turns into salt water, and it’s a muddle of water,” Mulgrew explained.

He, like his pal Hastings, stated that he intends to relocate his car.

They know how to prepare for what’s to come because they’ve lived on Long Island for a long time.

“We’ve been doing this for so long, my house was done in Irene and Sandy, and both times we got water.” “I love it here, and I’m not going anywhere,” Hastings added.

Concerned about the Monday morning commute, the Long Island Rail Road is preparing by planning for buses and assigning more staff to cope with any weather-related challenges.

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