New Jersey bar demolished after construction workers trapped inside

Construction workers trapped inside New Jersey bar during demolition leading to its destruction

Earlier on Saturday, a tragic incident occurred during the construction of a beloved old bar in East Rutherford, N.J. where workers were trapped. As a result, the bar has now been demolished, leaving behind memories and a sense of loss in the community.

In mere seconds, it was reduced to a heap of debris.

After serving the community for a remarkable 143 years, The Railroad Café has met its unfortunate end. The building was demolished following a devastating incident where a worker got trapped during renovations on a Saturday afternoon. Despite its long-standing presence in town, the café could not withstand the consequences of this fateful event.

Dating back to 1880, the building holds a rich history.

Over 80 rescue workers were deployed after receiving reports of three construction workers who were trapped.

After being stuck in the basement area for two hours, one of the workers was finally rescued and brought out on a stretcher. The incident was a cause for concern, and the rescue team was quick to act and ensure the worker’s safety.

The construction site was hit by disaster, and two workers were trapped in the rubble. However, the rescue workers were able to act fast and free them in no time. Thankfully, the injuries sustained by these two workers were only minor. Unfortunately, one of the workers suffered more severe injuries and required immediate medical attention.

According to John Giancaspro, the East Rutherford Fire Department’s public information officer, the worker was discovered initially pinned by mortar. The crew worked diligently and managed to successfully extricate the worker by 3:18 pm.

According to Mayor Jeffrey Lahullier of East Rutherford, all the necessary permits for the construction and renovation of The Union, a new bar, have been obtained. He further stated that the owners were present during the inspection and have decided to construct a new building rather than renovating the existing one due to cost-effectiveness.

As the demolition began on Union Avenue, neighbors came together to witness the event. Many were visibly emotional, with tears in their eyes as they watched the building come down.

Leslie Buehler, who used to work as a bartender and visit the Railroad Cafe, expressed deep sorrow over its closure. “It’s truly heartbreaking. That place holds so many cherished memories,” she shared with PIX11 News.

According to Lois Sciandra, a regular customer at Railroad Cafe and a close friend of the victim, everyone present at the café during the incident tried to support and console each other. “We were all there for each other, crying together,” she said, expressing her sorrow about the tragedy.

Upon sustaining grave injuries to the lower portion of his body, the wounded worker was promptly transported to Hackensack Medical Center for medical treatment.

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