Cops say Long Island homeowner pointed a gun at a little boy on his lawn, shouting 'Get off my lawn!

Cops say Long Island homeowner pointed a gun at a little boy on his lawn, shouting ‘Get off my lawn!

According to authorities, he admitted to the crime in English.

Last night, a man from Long Island was taken into custody at his lavish $2 million residence on Rockcrest Road in the upscale Strathmore neighborhood of Manhasset, New York. The man stands accused of pointing a gun at a 10-year-old boy, threatening the child’s safety.

During the hearing this morning, an Assistant District Attorney informed Judge Geoffrey Prime that Michael Yifan Wen, 43, had rushed out of his house and chased a young boy across the lawn. The boy had mistakenly believed the home belonged to a friend and had gone to retrieve a bag of Halloween candy that he had left on the doorstep. It was at this point that Wen had burst through the front door, causing the boy to flee in a state of panic.

The defendant was quoted by the Assistant DA, who referenced Wen, as saying “Get the fuck off my lawn!” to the boy before reportedly aiming a gun at him.

Public records indicate that the house where this incident occurred belongs to Wen.

A witness who was present during the incident reported the details to the 6th Precinct Police. The witness provided a Supporting Deposition and gave her account of the events, leading to Wen’s arrest.

Wen found himself in the Sunday Nassau County arraignments court as the sixteenth case on the calendar. He was alone in the courtroom, with handcuffs on his wrists.

During the court hearing before Judge Prime, the Assistant DA shared that it was Wen’s initial interaction with the criminal justice system.

As he stepped outside, the press was eagerly waiting for him. With his attorney by his side, he made his way to the Probation Office to register for his court-ordered psychiatric screening and steer clear of the reporters.

A Long Island homeowner was released with orders to undergo a mental health evaluation after he threatened a boy with a gun.

As the Court Clerk announced one case after another, News 12 had a prime seat in the second row of the courtroom with their cameras at the ready.

Next, Wen entered the room, accompanied by a Mandarin interpreter who would translate the proceedings for him.

During the court proceedings, Wen entered a plea of “Not Guilty” to the two misdemeanor charges brought against him. These charges included Menacing with a Weapon under N.Y. Penal Law 120.14(1) and Child Endangerment under Penal Law 260.10(1).

According to Judge Prime, it is imperative that the young boy and the witness receive protection from any further harm. Hence, he issued orders of protection for both parties. These orders mandate that Wen stay away from them and surrender his firearm to the Nassau County Police Department until the criminal case is entirely resolved. This is a necessary step to ensure the safety of those involved and prevent any potential danger.

Based on the charges, it appears that the gun was not loaded.

In just two weeks on November 13, 2023, Wen is scheduled to appear in court with a private attorney.

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