Heiress Consuelo Vanderbilt says cousin Anderson Cooper doesn’t know what he’s talking about

Consuelo Vanderbilt, heiress, claims that Anderson Cooper, her cousin, lacks knowledge on a certain topic

As you wander the bustling streets near Midtown Manhattan’s Grand Central Station, the Vanderbilt name is ubiquitous. It graces street signs, buildings, and even a hall inside the iconic train station itself. The station was constructed in the 19th and early 20th century by none other than “Commodore” Cornelius Vanderbilt and his grandson, William Kissam Vanderbilt, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s landscape.

In this upscale Italian restaurant, a living and breathing member of the Vanderbilt family savors a delicious bellini while engaging in conversation about her well-known relatives. One of them being the late fashion icon, Gloria Vanderbilt, and the other being CNN news anchor, Anderson Cooper.

According to The Post, Consuelo Vanderbilt, who is seven generations descended from Cornelius Vanderbilt, shared that she had met her cousin Anderson twice and was captivated by his charming personality.

While I haven’t had the chance to read “Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty,” I did catch an interview with the author in August. However, it seems like he may need to delve deeper into his research as it appeared there were certain aspects about certain family members that he may not have been aware of.

Vanderbilt revealed that she has no knowledge as to why Cooper’s mother, Gloria, was shunned by the family. Gloria had been open about this fact and had mentioned it before she passed away. Vanderbilt herself had never met Gloria.

According to my understanding, Anderson discussed certain aspects of the family that are unknown to him. While he may have been incorrect in stating that there is no money in the family, it is inaccurate. However, he should conduct further research on the topic to ensure accuracy.

According to Vanderbilt’s publicist, there is a common belief in society that Anderson Cooper wants to let the Vanderbilt name die with his mother, who was the last working Vanderbilt. This is because Cooper does not have Vanderbilt in his name, and he frequently uses his mother’s name. For instance, he executive produced a documentary called “Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper,” which narrates the story of the mother and son. Additionally, he co-wrote a book about the Vanderbilts and his mother titled “Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty.”

The publicist made a bold statement by declaring, “Gloria is gone. There is a new Vanderbilt in town, and her name is Consuelo.” The words rang out with a sense of excitement and anticipation for what was to come. It was clear that Consuelo was set to make her mark and carry on the Vanderbilt legacy with grace and poise.

It’s safe to say that she’s not new to the scene.

Consuelo Vanderbilt, now 44 years old, was born in 1979 in New York City to Serena Vanderbilt Van Ingen and Brackenridge Costin. According to Vanderbilt’s interview with The Post, her mother worked as a model while her father has been described as a life coach by some sources.

As a child, she had the privilege of growing up in three of the most vibrant cities in the world – New York City, London, and Los Angeles. In fact, she even had the amazing opportunity to serve as a ball girl for Princess Diana during her time in London. When she wasn’t rubbing shoulders with royalty, she was dedicated to her passion for gymnastics, spending hours each day perfecting her skills. Eventually, she settled in Los Angeles with her second husband, Rick McCallum, a renowned producer known for his work on Star Wars. After graduating from high school, Vanderbilt attended Mountview drama school in London before venturing into the world of music.

As she sits at the restaurant, she reaches into her handbag and retrieves a stunning diamond ring that once belonged to her great grandmother, Consuelo Vanderbilt Earl. Consuelo was a prominent socialite during the Roaring ’20s and spent her childhood in a magnificent Fifth Avenue mansion.

According to Vanderbilt, wearing the ring is a daunting task as it belonged to the renowned grand dame of New York. She feels that the ring carries a significant weight, and she fears losing it.

She proudly wore a ring on her middle finger, adorned with a magnificent pearl encircled by sparkling diamonds. She shared that it was custom-made by a jeweler who collaborated with her family, making it all the more special.

As she unscrews the pearl, a hidden compartment is revealed, and she is convinced that the ring is authentic, despite accidentally knocking it off herself.

Consuelo shared that she created a pearl line that was inspired by the women in her family. This line was sold on the Home Shopping Network, which according to her, is an unmatched medium to reach out to consumers. She emphasized that in just 30 seconds, you can touch a consumer’s heart. One of her rings, which was inspired, was sold for $49.99 and allowed people to feel like a princess for a day. She proudly stated that they did well with this line.

When questioned about the earnings she received from the successful HSN sale, as well as the true value of the ring, Vanderbilt responded with a sense of reserved class, stating, “I was raised not to discuss finances.”

When asked about the present condition of the Vanderbilt wealth, Consuelo simply replied, “Are you out of your mind? Absolutely not, never in a million years.”

During a 2014 interview on the “Howard Stern Show,” Anderson Cooper shared a conversation he had with his mother where she revealed to him that there was no trust fund for him. This anecdote highlights the lack of wealth within the Vanderbilt family, which was further discussed in a Forbes article that noted the family’s absence from America’s Richest Families list due to their lack of identifiable wealth.

Vanderbilt maintains a residence in Tudor City, situated on the East Side of Manhattan. Apart from that, she also enjoys spending her time at the family compound located in the Adirondacks. Additionally, she frequently travels to Miami and London, with the intention of purchasing a property in both these cities.

Consuelo Costin, also known as Consuelo Vanderbilt, has made her mark in the music industry with hit songs such as “Naked” and “Feel So Alive”. Her music has even landed her a spot on the Billboard Hot Dance Club chart. Alongside her successful music career, Consuelo Vanderbilt co-founded SohoMuse, a social network designed for creatives that is often referred to as “LinkedIn for creatives”.

According to her interview with The Post, the CEO of the company confirmed that her role is full-time and primarily focused on strategic planning. She also revealed that they have successfully organized a fashion show at the prestigious Guggenheim Museum during Fashion Week. In addition to this, the company is currently working on a scripted series that revolves around the life of Jimmy Dennis, a musician who was wrongly accused of a murder and spent time on Death Row before being acquitted and released six years ago.

As mentioned by her, the work at SohoMuse was incredibly demanding and had a negative impact on her marriage.

In recent news, it was revealed that Vanderbilt had officially split from Rafael Feldman, a well-known actor, filmmaker, and real estate broker. The two had been married for 16 years, and despite going their separate ways, Vanderbilt expressed that they still remained the best of friends. As Vanderbilt put it, “life is full of changes and transitions, but the love and bond you share with someone will always endure.”

According to a source close to Vanderbilt, Feldman will not receive any financial settlement from the Vanderbilt family trust or have access to any of their extensive properties, including their Upstate New York campsite. This is due to a prenuptial agreement that was firmly in place.

Her great-great-great aunt Consuelo Vanderbilt-Balsan, who married into British aristocracy, is someone she admires and wouldn’t mind following in her footsteps one day.

Back in 1895, Charles Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough, and the New Yorker Consuelo got married through an arranged marriage. This marriage made Consuelo a duchess, and she became known as a “dollar princess.” This term pertained to wealthy American women who married titled Europeans.

Vanderbilt shared that the arranged marriage of her Great Great Great Aunt Consuelo involved her mother Alva’s calculated and brilliant strategy.

According to Alva, they had the social skills required to thrive in New York, but she also knew that their wealth could help them bridge the gap between the continents by acquiring land or a title. They were prepared to merge the two worlds and make a name for themselves on a global scale.

During her recent trip to Leicestershire, England, Vanderbilt had the privilege of attending an exclusive dinner at Belvoir Castle, hosted by the Duchess of Rutland, Emma Manners, who is 60 years old. The dinner was attended by only 30 people, all of whom were notable individuals brought in by the Duchess herself. Vanderbilt had the opportunity to meet the Duchess’ children, who are lords.

According to Vanderbilt’s publicist, the Duchess has the potential to play the role of a matchmaker and possibly introduce her to a duke.

Vanderbilt made it clear that while a duke is not out of the question, it is not her primary focus. What matters most to her is finding someone who genuinely cares and loves her, regardless of their title or lack thereof. She added that if she is fortunate enough to have a child in the future, that will be her ultimate blessing. These words reflect the sincerity and depth of her intentions as she navigates the dating world.

With a heavy sigh, she expressed her reluctance, saying, “I don’t think dating sites are meant for me.”

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