Police arrested New Orleans murder suspect after documentary appearance.

Police arrested New Orleans murder suspect after Youtube documentary appearance.

In a newly released British documentary on YouTube, a man charged with second-degree murder this month can be heard rapping about street killings in New Orleans.

In the Taboo Room-produced film, Ladonte Richardson, who goes by the stage name MGTopYungan, is spotted rapping with a handgun in his possession.

During the interview, he reflects on his upbringing in the Iberville neighborhood, acknowledging that it was a challenging environment where he constantly felt the need to be aware of his surroundings.

“In the blink of an eye, they will take your life. People can be ruthless,” Richardson warned the documentary crew.

In connection with the December murders of 21-year-old Kentrell Ancar and 17-year-old Kaliala Miller in the 3200 block of Gentilly Boulevard, Richardson was charged with two counts of second-degree murder on October 3rd.

According to records from the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, Richardson spent time in jail in 2019. However, when Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams assumed office in 2020, he remanded a murder case that had Richardson being tried as an adult back to juvenile court. Consequently, Richardson was prosecuted and later released from custody.

“He said he is traumatized by a lot of things,” expressing the impact of past experiences on his mental health.

In the documentary, Richardson can be seen rapping while his friends surround him, singing along to the lyrics that touch upon sensitive topics such as police brutality, shootings, and death.

As he stood inside the convenience store, he rapped, “If you see that yellow tape, that means he’s dead. So, check on your man.”

During an interview, Richardson revealed that several of his associates are currently incarcerated. He emphasized that he and his crew do not take things lightly and even had a friend present who displayed a weapon on camera. The firearm, which was modified to function as a machine gun using a “switch,” served as an example of their serious demeanor.

As the segment begins, the narrator expresses his surprise upon learning about Richardson’s recent arrest.

According to the narrator, the individual in question was one of the kindest people they had met during their time in New Orleans. However, they were taken aback when they recently discovered that this same person had been arrested for a double murder and was currently under investigation.

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