Some ran and others seriously injured after Friday night crash in KC

Friday night crash in KC leaves some running and others seriously injured

On Friday night, a car crash occurred at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard in Kansas City, witnessed by the local police. Unfortunately, the crash left one person critically injured and another seriously hurt. Additionally, some individuals fled the scene.

At approximately 11:23 p.m., according to the police, a car that had been reported stolen, a Kia Rio, was heading east on Martin Luther King Blvd with four individuals inside. The vehicle was just south of Brush Creek when a KCPD officer in a nearby car noticed the events that took place.

As the Kia driver crossed the intersection, they disregarded the red light and collided with a Dodge van.

After the accident, the driver and one of the passengers decided to escape on foot, leaving the scene behind. Although they managed to flee successfully, the police were able to catch another passenger who also tried to run away. Unfortunately, the fourth occupant who was sitting at the back of the Kia suffered severe injuries and was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. The medical team classified their condition as critical, indicating that they required urgent medical attention.

According to authorities, the Kia Rio was reported as stolen from Raytown, Missouri.

After the accident, the police took the driver of the Dodge van into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence. Interestingly, he did not show any sign of injury resulting from the collision. On the other hand, a passenger who was in the van during the accident was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. The severity of the injuries was significant enough to warrant immediate medical attention.

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