The Perfect Mopar Build Is A 1969 Dodge Charger With A Hellcat V8

Detroit Muscle has crafted the ultimate Mopar masterpiece—an iconic Dodge Charger featuring the raw power of a Hellcat V8. In their quest, Marc and Tommy unearthed a 1969 model in Alabama, impressively preserved with minimal rust concerns. The initial find, though not entirely stock, exhibited a 383 engine with a two-barrel carburetor and a manual transmission. An interesting twist emerged as a four-speed slushbox had replaced the original manual gearbox before it fell into the capable hands of the Detroit Muscle team. Furthermore, a sturdier 8¾ version took the place of the stock differential.

Although the Charger boasted a formidable 440-cubic-inch big block V8, the team sought a more contemporary powerhouse. While Hellcat-swapped classic muscle cars are not entirely novel, this project distinguishes itself through meticulous attention to detail, elevating the art of blending modern performance with timeless classics.

Building the Perfect Mopar. Full Build: ’69 Charger Hellcat

Opting for a restomod approach, the team unanimously decided to integrate a modern Hellcat engine into their project. Following a reminiscent path of a 1968 Charger with a Hellcat motor, they made a distinctive choice to maintain a subtle, stock exterior, steering away from an extravagant overhaul.

Prior to the engine swap, the team diligently conducted extensive preparatory work. This involved comprehensive repairs and refreshing of the Charger’s body, coupled with essential upgrades and fixes to enhance its suspension. A touch of authenticity was added with the inclusion of a period-correct vinyl top, complemented by a menacing black paint job, elevating the car’s visual appeal.

The challenge of fitting the Hellcat crate engine and its accompanying six-speed manual transmission required modifications to the chassis. To address this, a custom Riley Motorsports K-member tailored to their specific engine swap needs, along with appropriate mounts, was acquired. The team, however, had to make adjustments by cutting out a section of the transmission tunnel to seamlessly accommodate the new gearbox. Furthermore, a custom exhaust system was integrated with the new engine to impart a more commanding and powerful auditory experience.

Harnessing its formidable power, the builders recognized the need for additional handling capabilities and consequently installed aftermarket coilovers. At each corner, the muscle car boasted a substantial Wilwood brake kit, expertly designed to manage the newfound power it now commanded.

Turning attention to the interior, Detroit Muscle diligently revamped the dashboard, opting for a bold transformation from black to red, perfectly aligning with the car’s menacing aesthetic. The stock seats underwent a rejuvenation process, receiving a lavish upgrade with new red leather upholstery that seamlessly extended to envelop the entire Charger’s cabin.

In the end, the Dodge Charger underwent a meticulous restoration, preserving its original factory specifications on the exterior. While it may not have boasted the flamboyance of the Ringbrothers’ restomod, the final result was an exceptionally well-executed overall build. So impressed with the outcome, the team opted to auction it off, successfully securing a hefty sum of $200,000.

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