Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Francisco

List Of Top 6 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Francisco (2023)

San Francisco is a beloved American city that draws in tourists worldwide and has a thriving economy with several prominent tech companies and corporations. Many people commute to the city from the Bay Area for work. Despite its picturesque location overlooking the bay, San Francisco has gained notoriety for its high crime rate and the perception that it is a dangerous place to call home.

Is San Francisco Safe?

When planning a trip to San Francisco, taking certain precautions is essential to ensure your safety. Luckily, the city’s main tourist areas, such as Union Square, Chinatown, and Fisherman’s Wharf, are relatively safe during the day. However, it’s essential to remain vigilant as the city does have a high crime rate, and pickpocketing can be a common occurrence. By staying aware of your surroundings and taking necessary precautions, you can enjoy all San Francisco offers without worries.

San Francisco offers a unique living experience but comes with challenges. The city’s crime rate is significantly higher than the national average, with a 111% difference and 91% higher than the California average. It’s no secret that homelessness is a rampant issue in San Francisco, and property crime remains a prevalent concern for many residents in different parts of the city.

San Francisco’s Violent Crime Rates

San Francisco has a 1 in 178 chance of experiencing violent crime, with 49 murders, 2,490 robberies, and 2,181 assaults reported in 2021. Despite remaining 40% above the national average, San Francisco is deemed less violent than other major cities. Drug addiction and property crime are the primary drivers of criminal activity, with violent crime taking a back seat. Although the city is more dangerous than some, its violent crime rates are lower than in Charlotte, Dallas, and Denver.

The likelihood of falling victim to a violent or property crime in San Francisco largely depends on the specific neighbourhood you find yourself in.

San Francisco Property Crime Rates

Residents of San Francisco are faced with a significant issue of property crime, with a probability of 1 in 22 of becoming a victim. In 2022, there were over 7,000 burglaries, 6,050 cases of motor vehicle thefts, and 26,000 thefts. While taking precautionary measures like being aware of your surroundings and avoiding leaving your belongings in plain sight in your vehicle can help reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim, car thieves are known to break into cars hoping to find something to steal.

Homelessness and Crime in San Francisco

The rise in property crime in the city has been primarily attributed to the increasing homeless population. In just five years, from 2017 to 2022, the number of homeless people has skyrocketed to over 35,000 and continues to rise. Unfortunately, the homeless community is plagued with drug addiction and trade issues, contributing to increased property crime. One of the major concerns of residents is the presence of large homeless encampments throughout the city, which leads to highly unhygienic conditions. Pedestrian areas are often littered with human waste and discarded needles, causing frustration among the residents.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Francisco

1. Tenderloin District

Located in Downtown San Francisco, the Tenderloin District is infamous for being the most dangerous neighbourhood in the city. With a population of 39,000, this area has an alarmingly high rate of violent crimes that is more than 270% higher than the national average. The neighbourhood is notorious for its rampant incidents of robberies and assaults, making it a risky place to walk through. Adding to the woes, the Tenderloin has a significant concentration of drug use and homelessness, making it crucial to exercise caution while traversing this historic neighbourhood.

2. Hunters Point

Hunters Point, situated near the Port of San Francisco, is yet another one of the most undesirable areas in San Francisco. With a population of 3,534, this locality has an alarmingly high crime rate. Hunters Point has been grappling with poverty for several years, and the community has been severely affected by incidents involving hazardous waste spills and toxic leaks. Shockingly, in the year 2022, there were more than 4,000 assaults and over 1,000 incidents of burglary reported in this area.

3. Mission District

The Mission District boasts a population of 45,039, but unfortunately, it also has a crime rate of 251% higher than the national average. While violent crimes have been known to occur, most incidents are property crimes, with over 6,000 reported in 2022 alone. The COVID pandemic worsened the situation, leading to increased crime rates. However, things have improved since then. It’s worth noting that the Mission District is still a popular tourist destination and can be considered safe as long as visitors exercise common sense.

4. Outer Mission Neighborhood

The Outer Mission neighbourhood in San Francisco has gained a reputation for being unsafe. With a population of 8,546, the crime rate in this area is a staggering 98% higher than the national average. Although the violent crime rate is comparatively lower, the neighbourhood has a high property crime rate, especially car theft. Not leaving valuable items visible in your car while parked in this area is highly recommended. Due to the significant number of homeless people in the neighbourhood, drug activity and petty crimes are widespread.

5. Western Addition

Western Addition, with a population of 12,934, is infamous for its high property crime rate and muggings. Despite some parts of the area undergoing gentrification, homelessness remains a prevalent issue contributing to the overall crime rate. Car break-ins, petty theft, and drug activity are common occurrences here. However, residents generally feel safe, even at night, as long as they use common sense.


South of Market, or SOMA for short, is a dangerous neighbourhood in San Francisco. With a population of 11,457, SOMA has a crime rate that is 67% higher than the national average. Despite being a central economic hub that houses several tech companies, the area is notorious for its high property crime rate. It’s common to hear about vehicle theft, muggings, and property theft incidents in this neighbourhood.

Is San Francisco Safe? Here’s What You Need to Know

While San Francisco may not have the highest violent crime rate, it is still considered more dangerous than many other American cities. The city is plagued by theft and property crime, a severe concern for residents and visitors alike. Unfortunately, San Francisco is home to one of the highest homeless populations in the world, which has led to many issues, such as theft, drug use, and sanitation problems. While some neighbourhoods in the city are relatively safe and have active business districts, the homeless issue affects all city areas. As a result, the likelihood of falling victim to a crime in San Francisco is statistically very high.

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