OKC police officer arrested on three felony charges

Police officer in OKC apprehended on three felony charges

An officer of the Oklahoma City police has recently been taken into custody on multiple felony charges, which include perjury and embezzlement.

After a comprehensive investigation that began in January, Lieutenant Bryant Holloway is now facing a series of three charges.

According to court records, Holloway has been found guilty of multiple charges including falsifying a public record, perjury during a testimony, and embezzlement of a significant amount of money. These illegal activities took place within the first half of this year, from January 1 to June 30.

According to Captain Valerie Littlejohn of the OKCPD, Lieutenant Bryant Holloway, a police officer from Oklahoma City, was apprehended on Friday evening for multiple felony charges, including perjury and embezzlement.

Lieutenant Holloway came under scrutiny after the police staff identified certain inconsistencies in the paperwork he had been submitting. Following this, the police department initiated a thorough investigation that spanned several months.

Captain Littlejohn stated that a supervisor had detected irregularities with the citations being submitted, prompting an investigation. The supervisor found that the individual in question had modified the times on these citations.

As part of the investigation, it was discovered that the police officer, who had been serving for a decade, was claiming overtime pay despite not actually working during those hours.

Captain Littlejohn stated that when the officer pulled someone over for a traffic violation and issued a citation, the correct time was not recorded on the citation. Instead, the officer would record a different time to match their shift schedule.

As a result, the charge of embezzlement was brought forth, with a total amount of $13,705.51 involved.

According to Cpt. Littlejohn, the individual in question failed to work the overtime shift that was assigned to him, yet still received payment for that shift. This means that he was essentially collecting money for a job that he did not do.

According to Cpt. Littlejohn, Holloway was taken into custody last Friday but has been released on bond. As of now, he remains on administrative leave.

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