Teenager hanging off bridge metres away from trains rescued by police in New York

On October 19th, a teenage boy found himself hanging perilously over the train tracks in Queens, New York. Luckily, a police officer was nearby and quickly intervened to rescue the young man from danger.

NBC New York reported that the child had climbed up the side of the overpass to get a better view of the trains.

As the teenager is pulled to safety by emergency services, the blaring sound of a train horn can be heard in the background.

The Commanding Officer of NYPD 108th Precinct, Captain Tony Wong, simply stated that it was just another day at work.

“Officers Ksepka and Czerniawski are being applauded for their heroic work in saving a teenager from falling off the side of the Sunnyside Bridge. Their quick thinking and bravery prevented a tragic incident from occurring. Well done to both officers for their outstanding service.”

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