Adult Kids of Accused Kidnapper

Children of Alleged Kidnapper Craig Ross Condemn Father: ‘He’s No Longer Part of Our Lives’

In the quiet town of Porter Corners, New York, a gripping story takes shape as Joshua Ross and his sister, who are the offspring of the accused kidnapper Craig Nelson Ross Jr., bravely cut all ties with their father amidst the chaos of a relentless abduction probe and unrelenting media attention.

Their unfiltered emotions were exposed during an unexpected conversation with investigative journalist and streamer Jonathan Lee Riches. This gave us a clear look into the broken family dynamics during a distressing criminal case.

Craig Nelson Ross Jr. is in the spotlight after his arrest and charge for the kidnapping of nine-year-old Charlotte Sena. The incident took place when Charlotte was on a solo bike ride in Moreau Lake State Park. The search for Charlotte lasted for 48 hours and ended with her discovery concealed within a cabinet in Ross’s campervan. Although the public was relieved to see Charlotte return safely and appreciate the rescue efforts, the Ross family now deals with media scrutiny, public disdain, and personal heartbreak.

Joshua Ross didn’t hold back his emotions as he stated clearly, “But he’s in jail. We want nothing to do with him. I wouldn’t give a damn if the guy died tomorrow.” His sister shared a similar sentiment, describing him as “disgusting” and “gross.” She added, “He’s dead to me. I couldn’t care less. That’s how I feel. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what happened to him. Did you capture that on video?”

When authorities executed a search warrant at Craig Ross Jr.’s home, the situation became even more emotionally charged with the arrival of his children, Joshua and his sister. In an interview with journalist Jonathan Lee Riches, the siblings openly expressed deep resentment and detachment towards their father. Their raw emotions provided a poignant perspective on how the criminal case has affected the accused’s family.

In addition, there remain several unanswered questions regarding Ross’s possible awareness or prior monitoring of the Sena family and the unusual proximity of his home, which is just two miles away from the Senas. As a result, the investigation is now focused on uncovering details about Ross’s past, investigating any potential connections he may have had with the Sena family, and carefully piecing together the events that led up to and followed the kidnapping.

The residents of Porter Corners are still trying to come to terms with the fact that a kidnapper was living among them, even as they celebrate the safe return of Charlotte Sena. As the FBI and New York State Police continue their investigation, the Ross family’s troubles have also come to light, revealing a painful story of broken family ties and betrayal. The authorities are working hard to organise a timeline of events and determine how much Ross was involved and whether the crime was premeditated. Despite the tragedy, the search and rescue team has been a source of hope and unity for the Sena family, who are grateful for the community’s collective effort.

Amidst the chaos of this unsettling incident, the genuine sentiments conveyed by Joshua Ross and his sister will endure as a poignant reminder of the profound and far-reaching impact affecting the families intertwined in this traumatic event. As this complex story unfolds, it prompts reflection on the intricate and interconnected web of emotions, consequences, and justice converging within a small community in New York.

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