Middletown, New York Among the Worst Small Cities in America

Middletown, New York Ranked Among the Worst Small Cities in the US

Unfortunately, Middletown, New York, did not perform well on the list, although I wasn’t personally involved. The reasons behind their poor showing were also shared.

The Hudson Valley region in New York boasts of some incredible cities. It’s a fact that every town in America has its own set of flaws. While some cities may have more shortcomings than others, it doesn’t diminish their greatness. Recently, a few small towns in America underwent scrutiny, and the findings were intriguing.

As per the findings of Wallethub, Saratoga Springs is not just any small city; one of the best. The city has secured a place in the 99th percentile and landed in America’s top 20 small towns. Saratoga Springs has been ranked at #9 on the list, making it an exceptional place to live in.

The list was created using a methodology that considered various factors such as safety, affordability, economy, physical health, and overall quality of life.

Middletown, New York: One of the Lowest Ranked Small Cities in America

Where did Middletown end up on the extensive list?

According to the criteria above, Middletown scored in the 39th percentile. Although Middletown scored well in affordability, it fell short in the health and education categories. While it may be economical to reside in Middletown, there are concerns regarding the school system. Additionally, there may be untimely deaths, along with restricted access to fitness centres, medical facilities, and nutritious food options.

Looking on the bright side, there is always room for improvement. For instance, Spring Valley, New York, was ranked in the second percentile just last year.

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