It's A Reality. Funding Approved, High Speed Rail Moves Forward Connecting Vegas and LA

High-Speed Rail Connecting Vegas and LA Moves Forward as Funding Gets Approved

There has been a lot of speculation about this project that has been in “the works” for a long time. Much of the discussion has been unfavorable, in part because final approval has taken so long. While the people awaited news on the high-speed train, several presidential administrations came and went.

I’m sure some people will immediately turn this into a forum to voice their political frustrations. But say whatever you want and blame anyone you think is “at fault” for the delays, timeliness, prices, and so forth. This $3 billion project is mostly supported by the current administration’s infrastructure plan, therefore the financial burden is shared by Nevada and California residents.

The rail route will connect Las Vegas and Los Angeles, lowering the volume of cars on I-15 by approximately 3 million per year. At almost 180 mph, the trip will take about two hours, assuming a few of stops along the way to drop off and pick up passengers.

8newsnow has thoroughly covered this story update, quoting Nevada Sen. Jackie Rosen as saying that not only will this project bring more visitors to the state, but it will also reduce traffic on I-15, reduce carbon emissions, and create thousands of well-paying union jobs in both Nevada and California.

Officials who worked hard to bring this project to completion hope that its success will encourage the development of other high-speed rail lines around the country, particularly in more heavily populated and frequented areas.

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