Colorado Man Who Randomly Killed Stranger Inside McDonald’s Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

A Colorado man who randomly killed a stranger inside a McDonald’s was found not guilty due to insanity

According to local authorities, a Colorado man accused of killing someone in a McDonald’s restaurant in 2021 was sentenced to indefinite detention at a state hospital on Tuesday after being ruled not guilty by reason of insanity.

In July 2021, Victor Corwin was arrested in connection with a fatal shooting inside the restaurant. Christopher Johnson, 39, was later identified as the victim. Corwin, who was 28 at the time, was caught nearly 26 hours after the incident.

According to the District Attorney for Colorado’s Eighth Judicial District, which encompasses both Larimer and Jackson counties, the verdict and sentence are the product of a two-year investigation that discovered no link between Corwin and Larimer County, where Fort Collins is situated, or Johnson.

Corwin “chosen to commit the murder spontaneously and at random due to paranoid delusions stemming from a diagnosis of unspecified schizophrenia,” the district attorney’s office stated in a statement Tuesday.

Three forensic psychology and psychiatry experts evaluated Corwin, and all concluded that he was unaware of the nature of his conduct at the time of the shooting.

As a result, the verdict against Corwin admits that he did commit the act charged and that he would have been found guilty if he had been judged mentally able to stand trial.

“My heart breaks for the Johnson family,” District Attorney Gordon McLaughlin said in a statement. “The randomness and senselessness of this case makes it incredibly difficult for them to find closure.” “While the right legal result was reached in this case, I share the family’s belief that the state hospital will need to maintain custody of Mr. Corwin for the remainder of his life to protect the community.”

Corwin will be admitted to the Colorado Department of Human Services-operated state hospital in Pueblo, as opposed to the Department of Corrections.

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