A determined South Carolina man gains shared custody through the fatherhood program

In a recent development, it has been reported that a significant event has taken place in Richland County, South Carolina.

Just a few months ago, Lorin Jackson could only create memories with his one-year-old son Kaysaun during supervised visits organized by the Department of Social Services.

According to Jackson, his son has spent several months in foster care due to an ongoing custody dispute with his ex-wife.

“I’m thankful and appreciative of him being able to be here with me and for him to be a part of what we got going on,” said Jackson.

To gain custody of his son, Jackson had to successfully complete classes offered by the South Carolina Center for Families and Fathers Program.

“Our goal is to bring that dad up to where he feels confident with himself and confident with the relationship with his child,” said Lawrence Ford, SC Center for Families and Fathers.

Jackson found the court-mandated requirements for obtaining shared custody to be quite extensive. However, he credits the fatherhood program for providing him with invaluable assistance throughout the entire process.

“I went from a fight for my kid to get him out of a system to a fight for my kid a plan for him to go to college,” said Jackson.

The program focuses on teaching valuable skills such as promoting economic stability, fostering healthy co-parenting dynamics, developing and nurturing relationships, and providing assistance to fathers navigating the complexities of the child support system.

Jackson was able to receive the only gift he truly desired this Christmas – legal shared custody of his son. He credits this achievement to the valuable lessons he learned along the way.

“It’s a necessity to be there for your kids,” said Jackson.

The South Carolina Centers for Families and Fathers have been providing assistance to fathers like Jackson for the past 25 years, benefitting over 25,000 individuals.

The Midlands Fatherhood Coalition is served by 15 offices located in five regional centers, covering all 46 counties.

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