A hotel room death of an 18-year-old woman signifies the first homicide in Washington, DC in 2024

The first homicide of the year occurred at 1:18 a.m. in a room at Embassy Suites Hotel at the Chevy Chase Pavilion in Northwest, near the D.C.-Maryland line, according to the Metropolitan Police.

18-year-old Ashlei Hinds of Clinton, Maryland was identified as the victim by authorities. Additionally, there have been reports of a masked man who was seen fleeing the scene.

According to a guest interviewed by 7News On Your Side, there was a gathering of police officers near a room located on the seventh floor of the hotel. A member of the D.C. council shared on Twitter that the shooting incident occurred during a New Year’s Eve celebration.

In a recent tweet, Councilmember Matt Frumin expressed his deep sadness over the tragic death of a young woman who was fatally shot at a party in Friendship Heights. He emphasized the urgent need to prioritize the prevention of gun violence and crime in our city. Councilmember Frumin further invited readers to read his official statement on the matter.

Just an hour later, there was another shooting in the city, this one occurring along the 1300 block of H Street in NE. Fortunately, the woman who was shot in this incident managed to survive. However, her current condition remains unknown.

Andrew Irvan, a resident of Washington DC, recalled the unsettling events that took place around 2 a.m. He described the sounds that echoed through the night, which some hoped were fireworks, but in reality, resembled gunshots.

Irvan expressed his belief that this community has room for improvement.

Irvan expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of D.C., stating that it has noticeably deteriorated over the past six months to a year. He emphasized that the residents of the city are not content with the situation and desire improvement for both themselves and their families.

Jovaan Lumpkin, a resident who greatly appreciates the diversity and vibrancy of this neighborhood, is deeply troubled by the unfortunate pattern of businesses relocating due to the alarming increase in violence that occurred in 2023.

Lumpkin expressed his thoughts on the situation, acknowledging that unfortunate events can occur. However, he believes that the overall atmosphere of the community is filled with vibrant and positive energy, along with a thriving nightlife. He expressed his hope for businesses to continue operating in the area and emphasized the importance of unity as the solution. According to him, responding to hate with love is the most effective approach.

In 2023, the city of D.C. witnessed a significant surge in criminal activities. Homicides increased by 35%, robberies by 68%, and vehicle thefts by a staggering 83% when compared to the previous year, 2022.

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