Man allegedly hid gun, bullets in Nikes in checked bag at LaGuardia Airport

A man allegedly concealed a gun and bullets in Nikes within a checked bag at LaGuardia Airport

In Queens, New York, a man’s sneakers were found to be carrying concealed firearms.

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a man was reported to have concealed a .45 gun and bullets inside a pair of green and white Nike sneakers that were discovered in his checked bag at LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday.

Upon inspection by officers at the TSA explosives detection unit, a bag triggered an alarm and a weapon was discovered inside. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the gun was concealed in one of the shoes, while the other shoe contained a magazine loaded with six bullets. Officials have reported this alarming discovery.

According to the TSA, the individual was apprehended at the gate and is currently facing charges related to possession of weapons.

According to officials, individuals who are traveling are permitted to pack guns in their checked bags. However, it is essential that the firearms are placed in a locked, hard-sided case. Additionally, the case must be checked in at the airline counter. It’s important to note that strict adherence to these guidelines is necessary.

According to Robert Duffy, TSA’s federal security director for the airport, hiding firearms inside shoes in a checked bag is not an acceptable method of concealment. Duffy emphasized that travelers who wish to bring their guns with them on their travels must ensure that they are packed appropriately.

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