Grieving daughter rips NYC courts for letting mom’s accused killer free on $5K bail five months before fatal shooting: ‘A f—ing slap in the face’

Daughter expresses anger towards NYC courts for granting accused killer of her mother a $5K bail and releasing him five months before the fatal shooting, calling it a disrespectful act

The daughter of the slain Manhattan woman, who is still grieving over her mother’s death, expressed her outrage over the fact that the accused murderer was able to kill despite breaking into the victim’s home and attacking her just a few months prior. She referred to the situation as “a f—ing slap in the face.”

In a recent interview with The Post, Questa, 32, expressed the devastation they felt. They described the situation as a “slap in the face” and conveyed their frustration.

According to her daughter, Billini, who was 57 years old, worked as an analyst in the state court system in the Bronx, which was the same system that failed her.

Questa expressed her mother’s belief in the justice system, but questioned the outcome of their situation despite following the correct procedures. “We didn’t retaliate or take matters into our own hands. We trusted the court system to do its job, yet our mother still faced an unfavorable outcome,” she shared.

According to prosecutors, the killings were a result of an ongoing feud between Billini, Moore, and the victim’s mother, who resided in the apartment across the hall from the victim on the second floor of West 163rd Street.

According to reports, the dispute started a few months ago, when Moore allegedly attempted to kick one of Billini’s dogs due to their excessive barking. In February, their dog Zeus was stabbed, and while Questa suspected Moore of being responsible, they were unable to prove it.

On April 11th, things reached a boiling point when Moore reportedly went after Billini’s family and kicked in her apartment door, as per a criminal complaint.

As Questa reminisced, she described the incident as a loud slam, leading her to believe that the dog had knocked something over. However, her mom clarified that it was the door and promptly opened it.

According to Questa, when Moore asked her mother to step outside, she immediately instructed her to call the police.

“He kicked the door open with such force that her arm broke as it was hit by the door. As he prepared for another kick, I quickly rushed towards the door,” she recounted.

“He came over to assist us in closing the door when my friend walked over to lend a hand,” she explained. “It was as if 80% of his body had entered my house.”

After the family alerted the authorities, the police arrived and apprehended Moore who was found inside his mother’s residence.

The Manhattan prosecutors charged Moore with assault and attempted burglary. Despite having no prior criminal record, they asked for a $15,000 cash bail or a $30,000 bond. They argued that the allegations against him involve a serious and violent case.

Rather than denying bail, Judge Melissa Lewis of Manhattan Criminal Court set a bail of $5,000 in either cash or bond for Moore. In order to be released, Moore only needs to post 10% of the bail amount, which equates to $500.

Despite prosecutors’ request for higher bail, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice April Newbauer opted to maintain the same bail conditions for Moore, who was indicted with upgraded burglary and assault charges. As a result, Moore remained free after his arraignment on May 18.

Questa expressed his frustration with the way the case was handled and recalled saying, “This is a freaking joke.”

Despite the court’s order of protection warning Moore to stay away from Billini and her family, he allegedly targeted the mother while she was walking with her friend and dog.

“When I thought about someone to turn to after my mother’s murder, Moore was the first person who came to mind,” Questa stated.

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