George Stephanopoulos comforted by GMA co-stars as he tears up on live show following message from wife Ali Wentworth

GMA colleagues console George Stephanopoulos as he becomes emotional during live show after receiving a message from his spouse Ali Wentworth

During Monday’s episode of GMA, George Stephanopoulos was moved to tears when his wife, Ali Wentworth, sent him a heartfelt message live on air.

Ali made sure that George felt loved on their 22nd wedding anniversary on November 20th. The couple, consisting of a news anchor and comedian, celebrated their enduring commitment to each other.

While at their home in New York City, a video captured Ali in bed jokingly remarking on another wedding anniversary where she wakes up alone. She proceeds to turn on the TV and sees George talking to a beautiful woman at work.

As the footage played, George became visibly emotional, his co-stars quickly rallying around him with some lighthearted teasing to ease the tension. Watch the touching moment below.

As her colleague sat across the news desk, Robin Roberts teased, “Looks like you’re getting emotional over there, you softy!” Meanwhile, Ali posted a delightful throwback photo of their wedding day on social media, capturing the moment they cut into their oversized wedding cake with big smiles on their faces.

In celebration of their 22nd anniversary, she shared a lovely photo of herself and her spouse, with a chocolate cake in the background. “22 years with my one and only… and, by the way, our cake was chocolate!” she wrote alongside the picture. The fans were quick to join in the celebration and offered their congratulations to the happy couple. George and Ali’s love story took off swiftly, as they got engaged soon after their first date.

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Ali shared the story of how they met during a book signing in Sarasota back in 2012. They had been set up on a blind date by mutual friends and spent hours chatting over dinner.

Ali admitted that she didn’t have much interest in politics and never thought she would be drawn to someone like him. “I always had my eyes set on Hugh Grant or Matthew Perry,” she said.

Ali reluctantly agreed to go on a blind date to appease her friend. However, to her surprise, she found herself ordering the same dish as George – the crab salad – and the conversation flowed for hours. It became apparent that they had a lot in common.

According to the New York Times, George expressed, “You know that feeling when you’re on a date and the first 15 minutes feel like they’re on autopilot?”

“After 15 minutes, she leaned in and whispered something that transported us to an entirely different universe. In just a few days, we went from strangers to close friends to deeply in love.”

George and Ali became engaged within two months of dating and tied the knot in a ceremony officiated by George’s father, a reverend. The couple shares a close-knit bond with their family, and Ali once shared a glimpse of their homely life.

During her conversation with Harry Connick Jr, she shared that she has two daughters and George is the only male member of the household. However, she mentioned that for some inexplicable reason, George is constantly subjected to being beaten up and is perceived as always being wrong, an idiot, and a loser. She made it clear that these comments were meant in a loving way.

Ali and George have had a challenging year as their youngest daughter, Harper, 18, left home to pursue her college education in Nashville at the end of August.

As they transition into their new role as empty nesters, the couple is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their girls for Thanksgiving later this week. Along with Harper, their youngest daughter, they also have a 21-year-old son named Elliott who is currently attending Brown University. Despite the difficulties that come with adjusting to an empty nest, they are both excited to have their children home for the holiday.

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