Pennsylvania High Schooler Drove 80 Miles to Buy a Car off the Facebook Marketplace. He Was Shot in the Head After Changing His Mind

A Pennsylvania high school student drove 80 miles to purchase a car on Facebook Marketplace. After changing his mind, he was shot in the head

According to police and local news, a Pennsylvania high schooler was fatally shot in the head after meeting with the vendor of a used car and changing his mind about acquiring the vehicle.

On December 2, the Baltimore Police Department arrested 18-year-old Marques Harris, alleging that he shot Carlos Carrazana-Ricardo about a week before.

Carrazana-Ricardo, also 18, had gone 80 miles from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Baltimore that day to meet with Harris to look at a used automobile he was selling on Facebook marketplace, according to documents obtained by local CBS affiliate WJZ News.

Carrazana-Ricardo and his friend began to drive away when he changed his mind. At that point, shots were fired, one of which struck Carrazana-Ricardo in the head and killed him, according to WJZ News.

18-year-old killed after Facebook Marketplace meetup

Harris was recognized as the shooter by a friend, and he was apprehended at his house by police. Harris reportedly informed authorities that he heard gunshots as he entered his brother’s car after the sale was canceled, but he claimed to be the person selling the automobile.

Carrazana-Ricardo’s family set up a GoFundMe page, which raised almost $7,000 to aid with funeral expenses.

According to Carrazana-Ricardo’s obituary, the 18-year-old “loved football and cars” and was born in Cuba. According to WJZ News, he moved to Pennsylvania from Cuba last year.

“The loss is being felt widely in our school community,” said Justin Reese, administrator of J.P. McKaskey High School, according to WJZ News. “Please keep Carlos’ family, friends and our students and staff in your thoughts as we process this loss.”

Harris was charged with first-degree murder and is due in court on January 3 for a preliminary hearing.


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