A Texas mother was killed in a bar shooting that began as a fight

Scott McDonald is the author of this article, which was initially published and later updated.

Early Sunday morning, a tragic incident occurred outside a Houston bar when a woman lost her life in a fatal shooting during a bar fight.

According to the Houston Police Department, a fight erupted at Legends Lounge in southeast Houston during a birthday celebration for a woman. The altercation started when derogatory comments were made about a woman, leading to a heated dispute among the approximately 20 people in attendance.

The dispute escalated beyond the confines of the bar, extending into the adjacent gas station parking lot. Law enforcement officials report that a minimum of three individuals brandished firearms and commenced firing.


Alexandria Wright, aged 27, tragically lost her life in the incident, leaving behind a young child who is just 7 years old, as reported by KTRK.

Three additional individuals sustained injuries and were subsequently transported to nearby medical facilities. Currently, they are all reported to be in stable condition.

Just a few miles north of this location, a party took a violent turn when a fight broke out and resulted in a shooting incident. This unfortunate incident left three teenagers injured on the early hours of Sunday morning.

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