Atlantic City Resident Saves Woman Found Half Naked in Abandoned Absecon Store

In Atlantic City, New Jersey, there is always a glimmer of hope for humanity, even when it seems to be fading away. A recent incident has once again restored our faith in the kindness of strangers.

To safeguard the anonymity of the kind-hearted individual, we will simply refer to him as Fred.

Fred embarked on a journey this morning, on Saturday, November 25, 2023, at 9:00 a.m., from Atlantic City to Absecon. His purpose was to shop at the renowned Home Depot store.

As Fred walked past the empty and shuttered Staples store on Absecon Boulevard in Absecon, New Jersey, he couldn’t help but notice its closed doors and vacant interior.

Fred recounted his exact encounter to me in the following manner.

This morning, at around 9:00 a.m., I was heading to Home Depot in Absecon when I noticed a woman flagging me down in the abandoned Staples store.

She had multiple contusion abrasions and a shiner to her left eye as I approached her.

Just so you know, Fred is a retired medical professional with all the necessary credentials.

“She wasn’t wearing any bottoms. I inquired about what had happened, and she explained that she had been trapped in that store for two days, unable to escape. She shared that her husband had abandoned her there.”

“I noticed that she was experiencing discomfort whenever she moved… Without wasting any time, I immediately contacted the Absecon dispatch and requested the assistance of the police and an ambulance. Once they arrived, I guided them to the front of the building.”

The intruders utilized the lock box keys to gain entry into the building where she was located. Once inside, the ambulance quickly assessed her vital signs and promptly placed her on a gurney. Subsequently, she was swiftly transported to the hospital for further medical attention.

Fred concluded that one of the police officers had identified her as a missing person before conducting a thorough search of the building.

In a recent speech, my friend Brian Kilmeade eloquently discussed the significant impact that occurs when the perfect individual is present in the ideal circumstances.

Today, we have the privilege of witnessing the remarkable story of Fred, a true Good Samaritan. In a world where acts of kindness are becoming increasingly rare, Fred emerges as the perfect example of someone who is always in the right place at the right time. His incredible deeds have touched the lives of many, making him a beacon of hope and inspiration for all.

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