Biden Experiences Difficulty with Airplane Stairs

President Joe Biden was seen tripping while boarding Air Force One on Wednesday.

As President Biden interacted with the people in Colorado and took a photo with law enforcement, the press pool traveling with him observed that he boarded a smaller Air Force One using the available stairs. It was noted that there was a slight stumble during his ascent.

With ongoing scrutiny surrounding Biden’s age and previous incidents of tripping, critics are expressing concerns about his fitness for the 2024 presidential election. Additionally, there have been criticisms of the gaffes he has made during his presidency. It is worth noting that Biden will be turning 81 in November and would be 82 at the start of his second term if he were to win reelection in 2024.

I have sent an email to the White House for comment, according to Newsweek.

Biden headed to Pueblo, Colorado, to pay a visit to a wind tower manufacturer. The company had recently revealed its plans for expansion, which the White House attributed to the Inflation Reduction Act, a key component of Biden’s economic agenda.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre informed reporters on Tuesday that President Biden will be addressing the nation to discuss how his economic agenda is actively driving investments in clean energy manufacturing.

During the White House’s annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon, Biden made a gaffe by mistakenly confusing Britney Spears with Taylor Swift. While discussing the distance traveled by the turkeys, Liberty and Bell, to be pardoned, Biden mistakenly mentioned Taylor Swift, who is currently on tour in Brazil. This latest stumble adds to a series of gaffes made by the President.

Biden’s recent gaffes have raised concerns among both Republicans and Democrats. One such gaffe occurred in October when he mistakenly claimed to have visited Israel prior to the Six-Day War. In reality, his first visit to Israel took place in 1973, just before the Yom Kippur War.

During a speech at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual Legislative Conference in September, he mistakenly referred to rapper LL Cool J as “LL J Cool J.”

Critics have not only targeted Biden for his multiple gaffes but also former President Donald Trump, who has also been prone to making mistakes.

Recently, Trump has been facing criticisms and questions regarding his cognitive abilities due to multiple speech gaffes where he mistakenly referred to Biden as former President Barack Obama.

According to a November 12 Forbes article, the former president has made the mix-up on multiple occasions, at least seven times in total. The most recent incident occurred earlier this month during a speech in New Hampshire. Trump also mistakenly referenced Obama instead of Biden during a rally in Ottumwa, Iowa, on October 1, as well as twice during a Fox News Radio interview on October 11. Additionally, he made the same error three times during a speech before faith leaders in Washington on September 15.

In July, Biden also had a similar stumble when he arrived in the U.K. and people questioned the presence of a “watch your step” sign on the stairs leading up to Air Force One.

In the middle of his climb, he seemed to trip ever so slightly but continued walking. He turned around to wave at the staff on the tarmac before entering.

According to NBC News, President Biden had initially intended to visit Colorado in October. However, his trip was postponed due to the conflict that erupted between Israel and Hamas.

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