Colorado Woman Removed from Flight for Absolutely Ridiculous Reason

Unruly airplane passengers are on the rise across the country and in Colorado, with reports of individuals being removed from planes at Denver International Airport. This emerging trend is causing concern in the aviation industry.

Traveling by airplane can be a source of stress and annoyance, and unfortunately, this issue seems to be escalating.

In just this year, the FBI has been contacted regarding the behavior of around thirty-six passengers.

Once upon a time, there was a passenger who found themselves in a situation where they were unquestionably right, while the airline they were dealing with was undeniably in the wrong. Allow me to share their story with you.

She Flew Out of Colorado Springs Airport

She Flew Out of Colorado Springs Airport

A woman recently shared a viral TikTok post in which she recounts her journey of flying back to California after adopting a new puppy in Colorado.

The puppy was whining, which is completely understandable. If you have ever adopted a pet, you know that it’s normal for them to whine and cry during the journey home.

According to reports, the passenger was informed by an attendant that if she didn’t quiet her whining puppy, she would be unable to fly.

The passenger unzipped the carrier and gently petted the dog, providing reassurance and comfort.

Then The Situation Escaladed

The passenger was consoled by an attendant who informed her that the carrier had to be zipped and placed under the seat. The passenger obediently followed the instructions.

A soft whine escaped from the dog as the attendants made an announcement that the plane would be returning to the runway. Consequently, the passenger was promptly removed from the flight.


Met this lady in the boarding line today @Southwest Airlines She flew out to Colorado Springs to pick up her new little puppy and fly her back home to CA. The puppy was whining a little and the flight attendant boarding everyone walked up to her and said, if your dogs doesn’t be quiet, you may not be able to fly. She sticks her hand in the soft carrier and pets the puppy. It stopped whining. We board the plane and she has the carrier in her lap still petting the puppy when the same flight attendant came up and said the carrier needed to be zipped completely and put under the seat. Everyone around us was like, what’s going on here!? Another flight attendant, dressed as a cat comes up and says “are we going to have a problem here!?” The lady does as she is told and we start to taxi to the runway. The dog gave a very soft whine, so she leaned over and started petting it from the outside of the carrier but right at mesh. All the attendants got in a group at the front of the plane and decided we needed to return to the gate and that she should be removed from the flight. #southwestairlines #southwest #southwestair

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