‘He shouldn’t be alive,’ Colorado Springs 21-year-old miraculously survives critical motorcycle crash

'He shouldn't be alive,' Colorado Springs 21-year-old critically injured in motorcycle crash

A 21-year-old from Colorado Springs is dealing with severe injuries after his motorcycle collided with a truck.

Tanner Hughes found himself in Memorial Central Hospital after a crash that occurred the day before Thanksgiving. The incident took place at the intersection of Dublin and Union at around 5:30 p.m.

Colorado Springs Police are currently conducting an investigation into the incident. However, based on the information gathered by Tanner’s family, it appears that a truck unexpectedly emerged in front of him, leaving him with insufficient time to brake and avoid a collision.

Tanner’s sister, Kyra Vestal, felt a wave of anxiety wash over her when she received the distressing call about her brother’s accident. However, as her family gathers at the hospital to be by Tanner’s side, they are also filled with a deep sense of gratitude.

“My family and I are incredibly grateful for the countless miracles that have occurred in Tanner’s life. We give thanks to God every second of every day because, honestly, Tanner shouldn’t be alive right now,” expressed Vestal, with deep emotion. She continued, “Tanner possesses a remarkable selflessness and generosity, always putting others before himself. And let me tell you, his smile is absolutely radiant. We are particularly thankful that all of his teeth are still intact.”

Vestal marvels at the progress Tanner has made, noting that he is now capable of breathing independently and even opening his eyes.

Tanner, however, continues to encounter significant obstacles. According to Vestal, his jaw will remain wired shut for the next five and a half weeks, and medical professionals are currently tending to the bruises on his heart and lungs. Moreover, Tanner will need to undergo several surgeries to address the injuries sustained by his arms.

If you wish to support Tanner and his family during their challenging journey, you can find a verified fundraiser here.

A 21-year-old man from Colorado Springs was involved in a severe motorcycle accident, leaving him in critical condition. Many people are amazed that he survived such a devastating crash. This incident is a reminder of the dangers of riding motorcycles and the importance of safety precautions.

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